Meeting Minutes

The meeting took place on #debian-edu (, on 2007-11-12 (monday) from 20.01 UTC to 21:05 UTC. It completed in 1 hours and 4 minutes.

The full log is at



  1. Who writes the summary?
  2. Preparing 3.0r1
    1. remaining blocker bugs
    2. call for translators
    3. press releases
  3. lenny roadmap

    1. status of lenny CD building?
  4. Next meeting?


Preparing 3.0r1

Remaining blocker bugs

Call for translators

Press releases

Lenny Roadmap

Status of lenny CD building

As far as pere knows, is the state that sep (Ronny) started working on this, discovered the need for two different versions of debian-cd to build it, started on the work to handle two build trees, and never had time to complete it. h01ger remembers too. Pere means, that those willing to work on it will be given pointers and required access to the build host. We really need to get the CD building working soon, to be able to detect bugs in the lenny configuration and to get some focus on reducing the number of config file editing we do using cfengine. :)

Next meeting