Meetings for the Debian Edu comunity takes place on #debian-edu on OFTC

The meeting was planned on #debian-edu (, 2007-08-23 18:00 UTC (20:00 CET). It complete in 1 hour.

administrative task,

The full log is at


  1. Who can write the summary?
    1. Status of press coverage
  2. Preparing for release 3.0r1
    1. rough schedule
  3. version number and code name for the next release
  4. developing a development strategy for lenny
    1. cd builds
    2. #311188
    3. how to make solutions for #311188 a release goal

    4. starting a wiki page with our release goals for lenny
    5. edu point releases in lenny (h01ger has a plan for that)
    6. what else?
  5. Extremadura 2007
  6. Common CDD tools (AndreasTille)

    1. Separating Debian-Edu specific data from general code (partly done)
    2. Usage of SVN (trunk?)
    3. Finally Build-Depend from (to be released) cdd-dev and Depend from cdd-common
    4. Naming scheme (*-tasks, *-common, *-config)
  7. Next meeting?