Meeting minutes

The meeting took place on #debian-edu (, on 2007-07-20 (Sunday) from XX.00 UTC to XX:XX UTC. It completed in X hour and X minutes.

The full log is at



If you put an item on the agenta, please put your name next to it so the moderator can know who should explain what the item is about.

  1. Who can write the summary?
  2. Status of the release
    1. remaining p1+p2 bugs
    2. Ready to release
    3. release notes and press release
    4. final testing
    5. upgrade from sarge testing
    6. announcing
    7. anything else?
  3. Plans for next point release 3.0r1 (Petter)
  4. release documentation

  5. Next meetingwwparty or next meeting?