The meeting was planned on #debian-edu (, 2007-05-20 18.00 UTC (20:00 CET - norwegian time). It did complete in ~1 hour.

The following attended the meeting


  1. Who can write the summary?
  2. Status of RC1
    1. Status of the DVD
    2. Status of the CD
    3. Source media
  3. going to RC2
  4. Status of the documentation
  5. Courier imap
  6. Next meeting

Summary of the meeting

  1. Ronny reluctantly agreed to doing the summary.
  2. RC1 was released It have not been tested much yet, but those who did had good experiences. There was much discussion about dvd cd and source media. The conclusion was. the netinstall cd will stay as it is. We will make a standalone source DVD, and the dvd stays as it is. We also plan to define what iso's we want to have to easier aim for that earlier in the process of the next release. h01ger announced we have 47 bugs as "feedback", there are only 3 left which need confirmation. and only 4 of prio 1 +2 :) (the number of bugs went up during the meeting). Daniel Hess announced he was working on multiarch dvd building.

  3. Various talk about the spesific bugs. There will be a need for rc2, and this is the list of critical bugs that need to be fixed before the release. Translators can start working on the localized pages. someone is needed to work on #1146

  4. H0lger is working on packaging debian-edu-doc, and making it build from source. There are som unclear lisence issues in the ITIL book. plans were made to make the documentation package available thru apache on the local webserver.
  5. Ronny voiced concerns over courier imap, only the ssl version is running by default. We can enable the non ssl version if we can force tls at the same time. it should not be possible to send passwords unencrypted on the network.
  6. next meeting 2007-05-27/28, at XX.00 UTC if white can join he gets a say on the time, 18:00 UTC if he can't