The meeting was planned on #debian-edu (, 2007-05-10 18.00 UTC (20:00 CET - norwegian time). It did not complete in 1 hour.


  1. Who writes the summary and post it to the list?
  2. How do we select arcitectures to release this time?
  3. Status of the DVD
    1. User admin system?
  4. Status of the CD
    1. why are the i386 CDs called NETINST and the others arent?
    2. discuss making all CDs netinst ones (and document how to turn a DVD into a local mirror)
  5. Status of debian-edu-doc
  6. Release schedule - when do we want and plan to and can release?
  7. developer gathering in Trondheim

Summary of the meeting

  1. Ronny Aasen Volentered as summary writer.
  2. There are very few users of ppc in debian, if there are users that would like to run debian-edu they should make their presence know. The conclusion is that ppc and amd64 needs more testing to determine if it can be released or not. And that the presense of such machines at the gathering in trondheim might help on that decition making. Hopefully akai (hint) Might be ablet to fix something ?
  3. The dvd is getting better each day. Holgers work on the bugzilla have also helps making it more obvious where the problems are. If you want a package included on the DVD, or you want some bug fixed, you only have few days to get it included or to rally support for your issues. It's also important that you test the installations and give reports on bugzilla or on the mailinglist. successfull tests are also wanted.
    1. lwat will be the default installed user admin tool in terra. It's there, it's working. Cipux may be on the cd if the packags are ready for the release date.
  4. i386 is different from the other cd's becouse Ronny is trying to make a netinstall out of it. It was decided to enable network for all images, but hide it on the DVD. And revert the i386 to have identical images to work on. Work will continue on netinstallation.
  5. holder have updated svn/src/debian-edu-doc/todo with notes about whats needed to make the doc package. He states that the main problem/issue, is that most of the docs is in a different svn repo that the package. This can be solved in several ways. There was also discussion about the difficulty to keep wikipages in sync regarding translations. But those working on the web should be part of the decition process. So a call to all documentation writers and web mechanics to join the meetings.
  6. The technical requirements for release is at the very minimum is, no P1 or P2 bugs. There are also administrative issues like the need to prepare the release, have press releases ready, warn the person behind and in general get everyone to agree that now is the time to release. The goal is "We plan to release RC1 on May 19th, RC2 on May 26th, RC3 on June 2nd and Debian-Edu etch on June 9th." Ronny voiced concerns about lack of testing. Especialy the services interaction.

  7. From it seams only Ronny and Holger will attend the Gathering in Trondheim. We hope this is wrong, and that people are just slow to edit the wiki. If you dont have rights to the wiki, shout on irc or ask on the list.