1 18:00  * pere_ = Petter Reinholdtsen
   2 18:01  * h01ger = Holger Levsen
   3 18:01 < pere_> so, who writes the summary?
   4 18:01 < h01ger> do you mean, you or me? ;)
   5 18:02 < h01ger> anybody else here?
   6 18:02 < pere_> well, no summary from last time, and that is a shame.
   7 18:03 -!- pere_ has changed the topic to Meeting in progress: finding a summary writer
   8 18:03 < pere_> h01ger: we seem to be alone, yes. :)
   9 18:03 -!- sfds [~sdfs@dslb-088-073-021-187.pools.arcor-ip.net] has joined #debian-edu
  10 18:03 < pere_> newcomers, please let the log collector know your name by using /me = Full Name
  11 18:04 < pere_> I'm not sure if jever is going to collect this meetings log either, or if that was just left from last time like my name as the moderator was.
  12 18:05 < h01ger> i collect logs (and can upload them, too)
  13 18:05  * jever = J<FC>rgen Leibner
  14 18:05 < jever> Hi, I'm a little bit late
  15 18:06 < pere_> akai bgrotan binar bip birdy bjoernen Bman^ C14r danielsan ettin finnarne H jemtland jorgenhg k4x klausade luk_ markos__ oskar64 sfds TheLaw Tolimar Werner white winnie zobel: if you a
  16 re present, please indicate using /me = Full Name.
  17 18:06  * sfds patrick hasenfeld
  18 18:06 < pere_> so, we still lack someone willing to write the summary after the meeting, and posting it to the mailing list.  any volunteers?
  19 18:07  * luk_ = Luk Claes
  20 18:08 < pere_> h01ger: good.  can you update the wiki to document it?
  21 18:08 < h01ger> done
  22 18:09 < pere_> Without anyone writing the summary, the results of this meeting will not be know to the rest of the project.  I am very reluctant to continue without a volunteer for it.
  23 18:11 < h01ger> i'm a bit reluctant to continue with 4 people...
  24 18:11 < h01ger> this is boring
  25 18:11 < pere_> h01ger: well, if all the four have interesting things to say, it can be a productive meeting. :)
  26 18:11 < h01ger> i could rather go to the kitchen and get the debconf-logs from the -edu powerpc install and compare them with the debian-install...
  27 18:12 < h01ger> pere, right
  28 18:12 < pere_> luk_: are you willing to write the summary?
  29 18:12 < jever> the last times there where no summary too
  30 18:13 < pere_> jever: yes, really a pitty.  so very few know what happened during that meeting.
  31 18:13 < jever> and not many guys  at meeting
  32 18:13 < pere_> if I had been more awake, I would have noticed it during the meeting. :)
  33 18:14 < pere_> jever: are you willing to write the summary?
  34 18:14  * jever would like to hear about slbackup-php and asks himself where the author is
  35 18:15  * h01ger takes the stick and offers to write summary
  36 18:15 < h01ger> grumbl.
  37 18:15 < h01ger> :)
  38 18:15 < pere_> h01ger: great.
  39 18:15 < h01ger> \o/
  40 18:15 -!- pere_ has changed the topic to Meeting in progress: Is a new Backupsolution for DebianEdu needed? 
  41 18:15 < jever> pere: I cannot do, I'm happy to be able to join here today :(
  42 18:16 < jever> Thanks, h01ger 
  43 18:16 < pere_> who want to say something about backup solutions?
  44 18:16 < h01ger> isnt the old backup solution not in etch anymore, so we need a new one?
  45 18:16 < jever> the old wasn't usable for teachers I think
  46 18:17 < pere_> h01ger: half of it, at least.  the admin interface was a webmin plugin.
  47 18:17 < jever> ... in disaster case
  48 18:17 < pere_> slbackup is the active part, and it is still present.
  49 18:17 < h01ger> pere, ah. ok. so we need a new one. next topic? ;) (which is slbackup-php=
  50 18:17 < h01ger> )
  51 18:18  * pere_ have no idea about the backup system, and hope someone who know it can let us know if slbackup-php is usable?
  52 18:18 < pere_> Werner is the author of slbackup, and I believe he wrote the old webmin module too.
  53 18:19 < pere_> anyone tested slbackup-php yet?
  54 18:19 < jever> no, I prefered to kick it and use backuppc ;-)
  55 18:20 < pere_> how is it better?
  56 18:20 < h01ger> finnarne wrote slbackup-php in case you dont know - which i doubt, but mentioning it wont hurt
  57 18:21 < pere_> anyone want to say more about backup solutions?  If not, I suggest we move on as we have no-one with opinions on the topic.
  58 18:21 < jever> it is better, because it provides gui for users, ...
  59 18:21 < h01ger> slbackup-php is still in etch-test, should we move it to etch, to get more testing?
  60 18:21 < h01ger> jever, is backuppc on the dvd?
  61 18:21 < pere_> h01ger: I am not convinced that in it self will get any more testing.
  62 18:22 < h01ger> a bit
  63 18:22 < jever> yes, I think so
  64 18:22 < pere_> jever: is backuppc preseedable?
  65 18:22 < jever> think so
  66 18:22 < h01ger> really?
  67 18:22 < h01ger> i mean, how much? 
  68 18:22 < jever> but I cant do it I'm not aware of doing it 
  69 18:23 < jever> I have to learn that first
  70 18:23 < jever> :)
  71 18:23 < jever> but as pere told me I put it on with ignore in svn
  72 18:23  * h01ger uses backuppc at a customer, or rather a customer uses it and i maintain his config files, and those are plain scripts. doesnt really look preseedable in his environmnet
  73 18:23 < pere_> jever: can you and finnarne discuss backup solutions, and see if you can agree on the solution for etch?  I believe finnarne  wrote slbackup-php, to get something working in time for e
  74 tch, not because he really wanted a new backup slution.
  75 18:25 < jever> I have no time for anything the next weeks, but I agree to use slbackup-php and that what finnarne did with slbackup for use in debian-edu
  76 18:25 < pere_> switching to next topic in 30 seconds...
  77 18:25 < pere_> jever: right.  exams?
  78 18:25 < jever> no, I'm 44 years old, it's just work
  79 18:26 < jever> :)
  80 18:26 < pere_> right.
  81 18:26 < pere_> I find the backup situation to be quite well, with two options to chooce from with debian packages already available. :)
  82 18:26  * h01ger nods
  83 18:26 -!- pere_ has changed the topic to Meeting in progress: Status of the dvd
  84 18:27 < pere_> who want to go first?
  85 18:27 < h01ger> #418610 is fixed in unstable. is that also fixed in debian-edu? (and causes problems)
  86 18:28 < jever> I bought a dvd-writer for testing the dvd, but then work catches me and I had to give up doing anything
  87 18:28  * h01ger filed some bugs today. which were mostly about the status of the cds (i386 and powerpc)
  88 18:29 < pere_> h01ger: the menu item value issue is as far as I know, fixed both for debian and debian-edu.
  89 18:29 < h01ger> in debian thats a post-etch change?!
  90 18:29 < pere_> h01ger: when the package is built for unstable, the values are the new values, and when built for terra the values are /100.
  91 18:29 < h01ger> ah. ic. nice
  92 18:30 < pere_> I added a rule to edit the DEBIAN/control file just before the packages are wrapped up.
  93 18:30 < h01ger> good
  94 18:30  * pere_ saw the bugs, but have not had time to read them.
  95 18:31 < h01ger> after the meeting i'll compare the debconf-preseeding for the powerpc-bootloader installer in debian and edu and hopefully come up with something :)
  96 18:31 < h01ger> but it looks like ppc is almost there
  97 18:31 < pere_> I have done some testing, and the i386 DVD is working quite well in qemu, at least.
  98 18:31 -!- sdfs [~sdfs@dslb-088-073-025-055.pools.arcor-ip.net] has joined #debian-edu
  99 18:31 < pere_> what exactly can be said to be missing for us to make the release?
 100 18:32 < h01ger> documentation
 101 18:32 < h01ger> fine tuning
 102 18:32 < pere_> I've seen klausade claim that samba is broken.  no idea how or what causes it.
 103 18:32 < pere_> also, the root desktop should have some links/iconds to the admin intrafaces
 104 18:33 < pere_> klausade mentioned during the last development gathering, that the partitioning question should mention that one had to accept to get the automatic intsaller going.
 105 18:33 < pere_> if that should happen, someone need to write the new text and we need to collect new translations.
 106 18:35 < pere_> any comments?
 107 18:35 < h01ger> pere, i noticed etch also doesnt have localisation-config, only etch-test. 
 108 18:35 < pere_> h01ger: just as well, as localization-config do not work at all.
 109 18:35 < h01ger> then rather remove it?
 110 18:36 < h01ger> (or fix it)
 111 18:36 < pere_> but I believe we need it to get the correct X keyboard into ltsp.
 112 18:36 < pere_> I plan to fix it to a point where it set the ltsp keyboard.
 113 18:36 < pere_> (or find another solution, if a good one exist. :)
 114 18:36 < h01ger> ok. so keep the status quo for now
 115 18:36 < pere_> also, I suspect we want to use it to set the default dictionary
 116 18:37 < pere_> the status page claim the KDE spell checker isn't set up correctly.
 117 18:37 < pere_> did anyone test a german install lately?  Did it work as it should?  
 118 18:37 < pere_> I mostly test norwegian and english myself.
 119 18:38 -!- sfds [~sdfs@dslb-088-073-021-187.pools.arcor-ip.net] has quit [Ping timeout: 480 seconds]
 120 18:39  * h01ger mostly installs in english to be able to forward meaningful error strings :) (for ppc probs usually)
 121 18:40 -!- sep [~sep@] has joined #debian-edu
 122 18:40 < pere_> it would be interesting to know if KDE, OOo and other things are correctly localized in German, now that localization-config isn't available.
 123 18:40 < pere_> (and the other languages, of course, but our biggest non-norwegian user base is germany .:)
 124 18:40  * h01ger nods. -> summary
 125 18:41 < h01ger> (the request for testers will go into the summary)
 126 18:41  * sep = Ronny Aasen
 127 18:41 < pere_> so, is the status page, <URL: http://wiki.debian.org/DebianEdu/Status/Etch >, up to date?  are there known issues missing, or some fixed issues listed?
 128 18:41 < sdfs_> kde an OOo is localized in german
 129 18:41 < jever> may be that an email on germans users list will animate some more testers
 130 18:42 < pere_> sdfs_: good.  is it enabled by default with german install of debian-edu?
 131 18:42 < sep> seams the samba issue is still missing. i did request klaus to add it. 
 132 18:42 < pere_> sep: well, just add a short note so we remember it.  I have no idea what the problem was, thought.
 133 18:42 < sdfs_> it is enabled by default but keyboard of thinclients is english
 134 18:43 < pere_> sdfs_: right.  that thin client problem is common for all, and I plan to look at it.
 135 18:43 < sep> i added a genric note
 136 18:43 < pere_> sdfs_: a quick workaround is to do 'chroot /opt/ltsp/i386 dpkg-reconfigure xserver-xorg'
 137 18:44  * h01ger had broken /e/a/sources.list after standalone installs here. but i hope the fix for the security mirror setting will fix that. pere, would you mind to upload a fixed debian-edu packag
 138 e or can i? (i dont mind who does, who gets to do it faster should do.. IMO)
 139 18:44 < pere_> (the real fix is to pass the debconf value from the host system to the ltsp chroot.
 140 18:44 < pere_> h01ger: I assume you mean a fixed d-e-install package?
 141 18:45 < pere_> h01ger: can you write a test to detect the broken sources.list file, and add it to d-e-c/testsuite/?
 142 18:46 < pere_> so, 15 minutes left. anyone want to add anything to this topic before we move on?
 143 18:46 < h01ger> hmmm. probably. but i care more about the bootloader atm.. :/
 144 18:46  * h01ger looks at this testsuite dir now anyway. testsuites are cool :)
 145 18:46 < pere_> h01ger: it would be nice to automatically verify that the problem is fixed, and don't return. :)
 146 18:47 < sdfs_> please add the debian edu keyring to the ltsp sources.list to verrify packages
 147 18:47 < pere_> I guess we should release a new test version soon.  
 148 18:47 < h01ger> yeah. but a meaning full test for a correct+meaningfull sources.list is a bit hard
 149 18:47 < pere_> sdfs_: good point.  can you add that to the status/etch wiki page?
 150 18:47 < sdfs_> k
 151 18:47 < pere_> h01ger: well, start by detecting the single problem you have found soo far.
 152 18:48 < pere_> ok.  moving on.
 153 18:48 -!- pere_ has changed the topic to Meeting in progress: Comments on the DebianEdu/LinEx2DebianEdu-Roadmap
 154 18:48 < pere_> anyone want to comment on it?
 155 18:48  * h01ger has replying to those mails on his todolist for the weekend :)
 156 18:49 < h01ger> basically i realized, taht if they want to deploy debian-edu next year, they will deploy debian-edu etch. so they should test the dvd *now*
 157 18:49 < pere_> h01ger: good point.
 158 18:49 < h01ger> to check if gnome is there and works, spanish translations, etc
 159 18:50 < pere_> though we might look at releasing based on testing, as it now has security support.
 160 18:50 < h01ger> the problem is the software they have+need which is not in debian. flash, java, squeak.
 161 18:51 < pere_> well, java is in unstable and flash might be replaced with gnash or the lib(something).  not sure about squeak.
 162 18:51 < h01ger> which could be solved with a generic way of integrating a add-on cd, which they probide :)
 163 18:51 < pere_> s/unstable/non-free/
 164 18:52 < h01ger> i dont think gnash (yet) works as (well) they need a flash to work
 165 18:52 < h01ger> and squeak is in theory free software, but practice there are some licence issues yet to be solved..
 166 18:52 < pere_> h01ger: could be.  if not, we will have to consider alternatives.  the license of macromedia flash prohibits distribution, so it can't even go into non-free. :(
 167 18:52 < pere_> h01ger: I suspect those issues are already solved.  at least I read somewhere that alternative fonts could be used.
 168 18:53 < pere_> h01ger: It would be great if they could get their packages into contrib or non-free, at least, to ease access to them.
 169 18:54 < h01ger> pere, $propietary_crap will be wanted/needed by someone $always. so creating a useful workaround (customizable add-on cds) could be a nice long term solution, until $propietary_crap i
 170 s completly gone from the earths surface
 171 18:54 < h01ger> pere, they want to deploy stable. not unstable. :) and stable is stable, no changes possible. (in debian, but also soon in -edu)
 172 18:55 < pere_> h01ger: sure.  but that should not stop us from trying as hard as possible to provide an free out of the box solution. :)
 173 18:55 < h01ger> surely not :)
 174 18:55 < pere_> h01ger: well, it can't be 'no changes possible', because then it soon became unusable when new hardware require a new kernel or a new X server, for example.
 175 18:56 < pere_> did you check out <URL: http://developer.skolelinux.no/design/services-linex.html >?
 176 18:56 < h01ger> briefly, yes
 177 18:56 < h01ger> why?
 178 18:56 < pere_> DNSMasq seem interesting.  perhaps a better solution?
 179 18:57 < h01ger> aehm, new hardware, kernel, x: i heard we have those problems in debian. and i'll believe the etch+0.5 kernel when i see it :) kernel 2.6 is still a moving target...
 180 18:57 < h01ger> for dns or for dns+dhcp?
 181 18:57 < pere_> for dns+dhcp, I thought.
 182 18:58 < h01ger> i'm^wi was not happy with dnsmasq as a dhcp server, switched backed to dhcpd
 183 18:58 < sep> i was not happy with dnsmasq either
 184 18:58 < pere_> I suspect we want to move to autodiscovery (avahi) instead of our current dns-based service discovery system.
 185 18:58 < h01ger> yeah, post etch :)
 186 18:58 < pere_> h01ger: ok.  that is good to know.
 187 18:59  * h01ger doesnt like avahi. first thing i turn off personally. for -edu it might make sense, though
 188 18:59  * sep had to disable avahi on lots of machines
 189 18:59 -!- jredrejo [~jose@] has joined #debian-edu
 190 18:59 < h01ger> jredrejo, ! hola :)
 191 18:59 < pere_> h01ger sep: why?
 192 18:59 < sep> it uses .local something that's often used in internal windows AD domains. 
 193 19:00 < h01ger> pere, i dont want the services i run on my laptop to be announced to the world.
 194 19:00 < sep> why could it not use .avahi or .this-is-autodns-so-it-could-be-anything 
 195 19:00 < sep> the effect was that external dns worked. but the nix machines failed to resolve anything internally. 
 196 19:01 -!- schasi [~blub@p5081120D.dip0.t-ipconnect.de] has joined #debian-edu
 197 19:02 < pere_> sep: right.  sound bad.
 198 19:03 < pere_> so, I guess this meeting is complete.  than you for joining.  When is the next one?
 199 19:03 < h01ger> 14d?
 200 19:03 < jredrejo> h01ger: hi all, sorry for the delay, but children take so much time ...
 201 19:03 < sep> have you discussed the looping mail from builder@d.skolelinux.no ? 
 202 19:04 < h01ger> jredrejo, hehe. 
 203 19:04 < sep> is 2 weeks to short time ? 
 204 19:05 < sep> i have not had time to do anything useful. since it's a hectic RL nowadays, i had hoped to get to spend more time on the netinstall 
 205 19:05 < pere_> sep: it isn't looping.  it is a new email every time.
 206 19:05  * h01ger just pasted the discussion about linex to jredrejo in a private /msg
 207 19:05 < h01ger> sep, its half way until the gathering in trondheim
 208 19:05 < pere_> h01ger: 14 days is fine with me.
 209 19:06 < jever> fine for me too
 210 19:06 < pere_> sep: I suspect the problem is the load on developer making svn up take more than 5 minutes.
 211 19:06 < jredrejo> hi all, just to comment some of the previous discussion threads:
 212 19:06 < sep> pere_, but it it failing becouse it's locked as a result of a interupted svn and needs attention. like svn cleanup as builder. or is it failing becouse it's allready running and the load
 213  is hiigh
 214 19:06 < pere_> sep: I believe it is failing because another svn is already running.
 215 19:07 < pere_> it just occured to me that we do not have to update every 5 minute.  Reducing to every 15 minute.
 216 19:07 < jredrejo> propietary licenses in linex:
 217 19:07 < jredrejo> - squeak is being relicensed to MIT, so it shouldn't be a problem
 218 19:07 < jredrejo> - about flash, we always can include an internet flash installer, easy to access, I don't want to include flash plugin in any cd (and I think I can not do it because of its license)
 219 19:07 < sep> pere_, i have not seen any other svn  in the process list
 220 19:07 < sep> but i might not have rights to view that
 221 19:08 < jredrejo> and about the integration with debian-edu. Our plans are trying to converge on lenny launch, to have time enough to test everything. Maybe next year we could do a previous test on e
 222 tch, but I am not sure it will be a good idea, as at that time, most of etch desktop software will be obsolete
 223 19:09 < pere_> jredrejo: squeak is still listed on <URL: http://www.debian.org/devel/wnpp/unable-to-package >
 224 19:09 < jredrejo> - about dnsmasq: we use it because it's really easy to use and integrate , 
 225 19:09 < jredrejo> and it also supports avahi, but we are not using that feature
 226 19:10 < jredrejo> pere_: I know, the squeak foundation are contacting with all the previous squeak programmers to relicense their code. They haven't finished it yet, so it's still under the Apple lic
 227 ense.
 228 19:10 < pere_> jever: we already include the flash installer package on the DVD, I believe.
 229 19:10 < jredrejo> but the main obstacle: Apple has already agreed with that change, so it shouldn't take too long
 230 19:10 < pere_> jredrejo: great to hear.  can it go into non-free in the mean time?
 231 19:11 < jredrejo> maybe, but I don't think it's worth the effort to get it into non-free for a short time
 232 19:11 < pere_> jredrejo: did I understand the web page correctly, that you include debian packages using flash as their runtime?
 233 19:11 < jredrejo> anyway, we have it packaged in our own repositories
 234 19:12 < pere_> jredrejo: what is the work to get it into non-free if you already have it packaged?
 235 19:12 < jredrejo> pere_: packages depending on flashplugin-nonfree, 
 236 19:12 < jredrejo> but, not the plugin itself
 237 19:12 < pere_> jredrejo: can these packages run with gnash or any other free flash implementation?
 238 19:13 < jredrejo> pere_: discussing it in Debian legal took a long time a  couple of years ago, and reopening the thread could be terrible , specially if you are not english spoken or lawyer as me.
 239 19:13 < pere_> if the packages are free software, they can (and probably should be) uploaded into contrib.
 240 19:13 < jredrejo> pere_: not yet, gnash is not very complete 
 241 19:14 < pere_> jredrejo: can you list the packages on <URL: http://wiki.debian.org/DebianEdu/FlashInDebianEdu >, to put them on our radar?
 242 19:14 < jredrejo> that's one of the things I would like to ask you: those packages are free, but they are only in spanish, they are things  like language tutorials, math exercices, etc. what is the D
 243 ebianEdu policy in those cases, if the sources are not internationalizated and only available in one language
 244 19:15 < jredrejo> pere_: I will do it, thanks for the link
 245 19:15 < h01ger> jredrejo, so would it be ok for you, to install debian-edu from cd/dvd, where you added a linex-installer udeb, which then adds some linex apt-repository to sources.lists and installs
 246  packages from there?
 247 19:16 < jredrejo> h01ger: yes, it would be ok, but in the future I want to avoid mixing repositories. In an ideal world we only should have the Debian repository. But, by now, that's the only solutio
 248 n I can find
 249 19:16 < pere_> jredrejo: I thought the debian-legal discussion was about putting it into debian/main, not debian/non-free?
 250 19:16 < h01ger> jredrejo, yes, sure. i'm just asking as you want to deploy debian-edu in 12month or so. and by then, we will only have etch...
 251 19:17 < pere_> jredrejo: we have no debian-edu policy about languages.
 252 19:17 < jredrejo> pere_:I don't remember all the terms, but I want to remember most of the discussion was centered on knowing if the current Squeak license is free or not
 253 19:18 < pere_> jredrejo: we do have an intention to provide our packages in all relevant languages, of course.
 254 19:18 < jredrejo> h01ger:  yes, but as I said before, I think that release would only be a test to know if we can achieve our goals, but the total joining with DebianEdu would be with lenny. For the 
 255 test, almost anything could be "allowed"
 256 19:19 < pere_> jredrejo: is there a list of all the special packages in linex available?
 257 19:20 < pere_> jredrejo: something like <URL: http://ftp.skolelinux.org/skolelinux/needs_love.html >, perhaps?
 258 19:20 < jredrejo> pere_: ok, but providing the packages in all the languages is a question of a lot of time/or money. Most of those packages come from projects made by teachers paid by my regional go
 259 vernment, but money doesn't go to translate it into "foreign" languages
 260 19:20 < h01ger> jredrejo, i fully agree. great :)
 261 19:21 < pere_> jredrejo: sure.  sometimes volunteers show up to translate if the material is made available. :)
 262 19:21 < jredrejo> no, there is not such listk, maybe it's another good idea. I would ask you all to add as many ideas or questions to http://wiki.debian.org/DebianEdu/LinEx2DebianEdu-Roadmap to start
 263  to work
 264 19:22 < jredrejo> pere_: of course, all the material is available in our repositories, they are totally open and free, but not very known out from Spain, for obvious reasons.
 265 19:22 < pere_> we have a lot of documentation only in norwegian, for example, which should be translated to other languages.  for example, we have a sysadmin documentation following the ITIL standard
 266 , but only in norwegian so far.
 267 19:23 < jredrejo> if you like squeak you could take a look to things like http://apt.linex.org/linex2006/dists/cl/linexedu2006/binary-i386/matematicas/squeak-geometria_1.0-1_all.deb or http://apt.lin
 268 ex.org/linex2006/dists/cl/linexedu2006/binary-i386/matematicas/algebra-squeak_1.1-2_all.deb
 269 19:23 < pere_> <URL: http://wiki.skolelinux.no/Dokumentasjon/ITIL >
 270 19:23 < jredrejo> they are interactive books on geometry and algebra for secondary schools
 271 19:23 < h01ger> jredrejo, this might be a good target for people outside of spain, who want to learn spanish and do something useful while doing so: translate this software :) 
 272 19:23 < jredrejo> Knut spoke me about ITIL, we have many things to study
 273 19:24 < pere_> is it now time to close the meeting?
 274 19:24 < jredrejo> h01ger: sure, I think the most interesting part for that people is our component linexedu2006, at http://apt.linex.org/linex2006/dists/cl/linexedu2006/
 275 19:24 < pere_> jredrejo: please do /me = Full Name for the log, to ease the job of the summary writer. :)
 276 19:24 < jredrejo> jredrejo: Jos<C3><A9> L. Redrejo 
 277 19:25 < pere_> jredrejo: it would be great if you could compare the package list currently in debian-edu with the list of packages used by linex, and list all the packages only in linex as ignore in 
 278 the debian-edu task files.
 279 19:26 < pere_> jredrejo: instructions on <URL: http://people.debian.org/~terpstra/message/20070417.212210.f5b811b8.en.html >
 280 19:26 < jredrejo> pere_: We'll work on it. Nex time we meet I hope I'll be able to give you that info
 281 19:26 < pere_> this way we would at least get them on the DVD.
 282 19:27 < pere_> we currently fill approximately 2.2 GiB of the DVD with packages listed in our task lists.
 283 19:27 < pere_> OK.  I close the meeting now.  Got to go.  Thank you alll for showing up, better late then never
 284 19:27 < jredrejo> pere_: perfect, I don't think we will fill the remaining 2.5Gb
 285 19:28 -!- pere_ has changed the topic to debian etch released, final stage of debian-edu 3.0 development (terra) based on etch, please make your changes ASAP | next meeting 2007-05-10 at 18.00 UTC, a
 286 genda at http://wiki.debian.org/DebianEdu/Meeting  |  please report findings in http://wiki.debian.org/DebianEdu/Status/Etch
 287 19:28  * h01ger waves and leaves to
 288 19:29 < h01ger> and as i just read the new topic ("make your changes ASAP"), a note to the cipux people: please get your package ready *fast*. 
 289 19:33 < jever> h01ger: please say that on #CipUX too
 290 19:34 < h01ger> jever, done.
 291 19:35 < jever> thanks
 292 19:35  * markos__ = Konstantinos Margaritis
 293 19:49 -!- sdfs_ [~sdfs@dslb-088-073-025-055.pools.arcor-ip.net] has quit [Quit: Verlassend]
 294 20:09 < finnarne> just a quick note. If you want me to attend the meetings, it has to be moved, either to 21:30 CEST or to another day (not Tuesday before 20:30 CEST either)
 295 20:11 < finnarne> and to use backuppc for a backup-solution, you have to write a new frontend to allow the teacher to reconfigure the backup. 
 296 20:12 < finnarne> (or add more functionality to the exiting frontend) 
 297 20:17 < finnarne> but better than me to attend meetings, is that someone actually tests the software written, especially those who critisize them, so one can actually get some feedback
 298 20:35 -!- jever [~ln@pD9577A29.dip.t-dialin.net] has quit [Quit: Verlassend]
 299 20:38 < winnie> I can only second finnarne... atm the Thursday evening is very bad for me for meetings
 300 20:38 < winnie> :S