Debian-Edu Meeting 2006-04-26


The Debian-Edu meeting has been held on Thursday 26 April 2007 from 18:00 UTC to 19:28 (UTC)

The full log of the meeting is available at ../log.



  1. Is a new Backupsolution for DebianEdu needed?

    1. slbackup-php available
  2. Status of the dvd
  3. Comments on the DebianEdu/LinEx2DebianEdu-Roadmap

  4. closing comment on cipux:
  5. meeting time


Is a new Backupsolution for DebianEdu needed?

Yes. We used to use slbackup as a backend with a wlus-frontend, and wlus is gone. slbackup is still there.

slbackup-php available

slbackup-php is a new frontend, written by finnarne. It's available in etch-test and needs testers.

jever also tested backuppc but thinks we should use slbackup/slbackup-php for skolelinux (finnarne said in the end that backuppc has no frontend for teachers and lacks other frontend features).

so please test slbackup-php and report your experiences!

Status of the dvd

i386 dvd seems to be fine, though klausade reported that samba is broken. We need to confirm and possible fix this, a good first step would be a bugreport in bugzilla and a link to that on

localisation on the installed system also seems to be broken (at least keyboard layout) - it would be interesting to know if KDE, OOo and other things are correctly localized in German, now that localization-config isn't available. (and the other languages, of course, but our biggest non-norwegian user base is germany .:)

keyboard on thinclients also is in english :(

Comments on the [[DebianEdu/LinEx2DebianEdu-Roadmap]]

?LinEx plans to deploy debian-edu based installs next year, this means they will deploy debian-edu etch. so they should test the dvd *now*, to check if gnome is there and works, spanish translations, etc

?LinEx needs flash, java and squeak - which are all not available as free software _yet_. pere asked jredrejo to add flash pages, which dont work with free flash (gnash), to

?LinEx also has a bunch of spanish educational free software, which c/should be translated to become available to all.

For etch it would be ok to install debian-edu from cd/dvd, together with a linex-installer udeb, which then adds some linex apt-repository to sources.lists and installs that. This is currently just an idea... The etch release would only be a test to know if Linex can achieve the goals, but the total joining with DebianEdu would be with lenny, where extra repositories will be avoided.

The linexedu2006 package is available at

Squeak packages are also available, see for example

It would be great if the linex team could compare their package list with the packages on the etch dvd and report whats missing, so that we can add those.

closing comment on cipux

If cipux should be part of the debian-edu etch release, please get your package ready *fast*.

meeting time

If we want finnare to attend the meetings, it has to be moved, either to 19:30 UTC or to another day (not Tuesday before 18:30 CEST either). Same is true for winnie.

Currently the next meeting is scheduled for Thurday, 2007-05-10 at 18.00 UTC, agenda at - which is when finnarne and winnie cannot attend.