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The full log of the meeting is available at ["../log"]. The full log of the meeting is available at [[../log]].

Debian-Edu Meeting 2006-03-29


The Debian-Edu meeting has been held on Thursday 29 March 2007 from 19:37 to 20:40 (UTC) #debian-edu@irc.oftc.net:6667

The full log of the meeting is available at ../log.


* finnarne = Finn-Arne Johansen (logger)

Patiticipants and their roles

  • sepski = Ronny Aasen
  • C14r Christian Kuelker (protocol)
  • jever = Jürgen Leibner
  • winnie = Patrick winnertz (moderator)
  • oskar64 = Xavier Oswald
  • kaplan = lior kaplan


  1. User administration: how+when to decide
    • 1.1 status of CipUX 1.2 status of lwat
  2. slbackup
  3. status of 2nd CD
  4. Etch CD status
  5. status of ppc & amd64

  6. OLPC ideas (Xavier)
  7. Next meeting, and who will announce it.


1. User administration: how+when to decide

1.1 status of CipUX

  • CipUX is ready for new upload
  • Status can be viewed at: http://wiki.debian.org/DebianEdu/CipUX/ToDo

  • Xavier has to fix: cipux-rpc.postinst: unknown code snippet & unneeded echo call

  • Errors and linitian warnings Patrick reports where from old revision and wrong version
  • i18n working to 90% and going into translation on weekend for the GUI.
  • Roland wrote the first draft of the user guide for CAT.
  • Setting up a CipUX demoserver after 2007-04-04
  • Testcase demo sever for the Documentation team is running since a week.
  • The important question is: do the package go into debian-edu.
  • Patrick asks about a nonaswerd report, but answer is obsolete now.
  • Xavier will do an upload and if cipux is reject, will correct what's wrong and reupload again and again until cipux is accepted
  • will have German GUI on the week end
  • Jever announced a commit list now where everyone who interests can read what is going on http://sympa.cipworx.org/wws/subscribe/cipux-commits

1.2 status of lwat

  • Patrick discovered last week an security bug in lwat, which was fixed during one day. This bug concerned that the data which is already in the ldap wasn't checked for malicious code blocks (e.g. javascript).
  • Patrick wants to try the same thing with cipux
  • all needed things for user/group/netgroup administration does work now
  • Patrick heavily suggest that people start to test and report
  • Patrick want to write an debian-edu specific layout with the use of css

2. slbackup

  • slabckups web admin fron tend is gone becouse webmin is gone.
  • We need a new front end: bugnumber: 415379
  • Juergen suggest: we skip slbackup and use another tool like backuppc. It works very well. And breaks not the concept, having a backup on disk. backuppc is easy to use for a teacher to restore a students file. It has a web interface, where users can restore their own files But backuppc is 10x the size of slbackup. Juergen wants next two weeks to give it a try
  • Patrick suggest: should only write an small and simple console front end for slbackup
  • slbackup package contain probably console tools

3. status of 2nd CD

  • It doesn't work (yet)... but according to the discussion last week we think over using a dvd, don't
  • We would like a dvd and a cd netinstall
  • We have to change our cd a bit i think
  • We should get more testing on the DVD

4. Etch CD status

  • The expert installation is currently very broken. One can choose there to disable the root account and don't set an password for it. If you do this the ldap admin don't get any passwords.
  • Patrick will preseed this question. If he preseed the question "set a password or disable root account?" the user is forced to set one.
  • Patrick has tested installation today again and the normal setup works perfectly
  • Xavier have tested it and it runs fine
  • For Ronny normal install worked ok last time he tried.
  • We might want to spend more time testing services, for instance we know samba have issues
  • Patrick suggest: we should consider if we can somehow set the password for the nagiosadmin user the same as the rootpw
  • Christian and Ronny disagree: nagios password is saved in htaccess file, makes getting rootpw easy to exploit.
  • Ronny suggest disable nagios access until a pw is set
  • We should firstly check nagios status in etch and have a look to bug report.
  • Xavier and Ronny and Jever are against the idea of having the rootpw same as user admin in nagios..
  • Having per default 'skolelinux' as password is also very bad.
  • Better to have no access at all until the password is set then.

5. status of ppc & amd64

  • Xavier will do some debian-edu test since I have a pegasos2.Xavier can give an ssh account if it's needed.
  • Xavier will work on getting the efika working with debian-edu after etch.
  • The efika could be a very nice thin client.
  • efika could be a nice thin client server too

6. OLPC ideas (Xavier)

  • There is no really OLPC team in debian, and we are quite 10 people having an OLPC board so, it's time to do something. http://wiki.debian.org/DebianEdu/OLPC

  • Xavier contacted the emdebian team http://www.emdebian.org/ if we can join their team to get debian working on this board. There were some answer to his mail and it's really positive. http://lists.debian.org/debian-embedded/2007/03/msg00091.html

  • If someone wants to join the team, please send a mail to wookey(wookey@debian.org) with your wanted login and your ssh key.

  • We will use the debian-embeded mailing list for the development. Otherwise there are some software related to OLPC,
  • Can Sugar use the debian-edu repo to maintain it? http://wiki.laptop.org/go/Sugar_on_Debian

  • If someone want an olpc, you can ask knut
  • Lior is interested with packaging this for debian.
  • Christian wants to be informed, because he may have to work on embedded systems.

Next meeting

  • 2007-04-12: 18:00h UTC = 20:00h CET