Debian-Edu Meeting 2006-03-15


The Debian-Edu meeting has been held on Thursday 15 March 2007 from 19:30 to 20:30 (UTC)

The full log of the meeting is available at ?/../log.


Patiticipants and their roles


0. Preliminaries

  1. User administration:
  2. Etch CD status
  3. Next meeting


1. User administration (19:40)

This topic does not only regard the two administration tools as such, but also, more generally, how to decide what tool to use: What dead lines are there; must there be an exclusive decisions; could we offer two different CDs (one with lwat, one with CipUX) etc.

Discussing these criteria, it was decided to set up ?DebianEdu/AdminToolForEtch for further comparism.





Disc Space

CipUX itself uses 640K only, but it draws in about 10M (dependencies)

LWAT draws in 8M, getting rid of a dependency of php5-cli could reduce this by 2M.

Probably dependencies intersect. Q: How much do both packages draw in together?

LDAP schema

CipUX uses an extended schema for additional features.

LWAT works 'out of the box' with the current schema of Skolelinux, but could be extended to harmonize with CipUX.

Less important for new installs, but apt-get install must not break existing data.


Rich of features, but according to finnarne it lacks a search (filter?) function for users.

Focuses on core features of user administration

It was decided to create a wiki page comparing features.


c14r announces the CipUX documentation server

Less features to document, no screenshots needed (URL)

Doc. must be part of Skolelinux documentation

Active developers

5-6 coders, 3-4 authors for documentation

2-3 coders


Not in Debian yet. Submission to Debian-Edu was rejected because of some minor bugs (C14r).

Both in Debian and accepted by Debian-Edu

CipUX failed to get into Debian(Edu) during the last 18 months. According to pere, this is a crucial.

There are no objections to include CipUX on a second CD if there is a boot prompt "extra-cd". This needs extra coding of 20 lines within the installer (pere).

A roadmap for deciding on this issue could include steps like

As Etch is being released in April (2nd?), the schedule is quite tight for getting CipUX into Debian.

State of Etch Install CD (20:21)

Etch-test is working, Etch needs a update from the d-i transistions. Lwat was not installed from the last CD (missing dependency). Installer asks 2 surflicious questions. etch-cd also needs an updated version of lwat (h0lger is requested to upload version 0.13-1, zobel and white could do this, too).

It is not clear what installer version is used on each CDs: amd64+ppc-etch-test used d-i from testing, until changed by hand. CD1 is full.

3. Misc./Next meeting

We need to have a documented+default backup in the driftbook. Slbackup vanishes with webmin!

Next meeting was proposed 14 days from now: