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Log is available at ["/log"] Log is available at [[/log]]
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 1. CD [:DebianEdu/Status/Etch:status]  1. CD [[DebianEdu/Status/Etch|status]]
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 * CD [:DebianEdu/Status/Etch:status]  * CD [[DebianEdu/Status/Etch|status]]


The meeting was planned on #debian-edu (irc.debian.org), 2007-01-29 19:30 UTC (20:30 CET - norwegian time).

  • Moderator: Vagrant Cascadian
  • Log collector: Ronny Aasen
  • Writing summary: JuergenLeibner

Log is available at /log


  1. Next meeting
  2. developer gathering in france
  3. local-team mailinglist (.au/.nz)
  4. moodle
  5. cipux
  6. FEIDE complient LDAP scheme (#537)
  7. Nagios2 - RonnyAasen

  8. CD status


  • First, the next meeting on #debian-edu was planned to be on wednesday, 2007-2-21
    • (irc.debian.org), 2007-02-21 19:30 UTC (20:30 CET - norwegian time).
  • For the developer gathering in france they can sponsor 30 people but only 8 or so are in the wiki.
    • Petter Reinholdtsen will send an email on the norwegian local list to point to this event.
  • local-team mailinglist (.au/.nz)
  • moodle
    • we could at least put it in our wishlist, to get it on the second CD and the DVD. Adding it as a suggests for main-server would do it, Petter believed. And getting people using it to install popularity-contest would increase its chance

      of making it to the first CD. :) Because it needs to be configured manually, people can fetch it from the net, no use having it installed automatically. Someone can work on auto-install scripts. Another way will be to fill it by default with stuff and then you can configure it inside the moodle app as you want. Moodle is an important app anyway.

  • cipux
    • We made it so far to install CipuX under plain Debian, but the PAM setup is not complete. Nevertheless this mean, that we will have the setup layout for Debian-Edu as well. So I will assume that it should be installable in the next 2 or 3 days under Debian-Edu.

      The GUI will take some extra days. At least we got packages in the archive. :) There have to be made changes to the SVN that Christian Kuelker will describe on an extra wiki page.

  • FEIDE complient LDAP scheme (#537)
    • The question must be, is it requiered for debian-edu to be FEIDE compatible for a school to be FEIDE compatible Ronny Aasen told that his school contact said that he have purchased a online school management tool and this tool is suposedly FEIDE compliant, since he's requiered to have that as part of a test school so he guess it boils down to "can a school use debian-edu and still be FEIDE compatible ?" I guess so, as our LDAP is for users and groups, while FEIDE is for persons. Those are not the same. It is useful to populate the user ldap tree using information from the person database, but that can be done separately. But the whole idea is that FEIDE compatible users can use resources online at various FEIDE compatible sites and the SITE will get the requiered credentials and info from the FEIDE school management. So either we must have a way to import from whatever school managemet the school uses. Or we must be the FEIDE database for that school or someone can provide the FEIDE database for the school, and the skolelinux installation can import data from that database. On the technical side, FEIDE is an LDAP three with a given schema based on eduPerson. When we have a working admintool[tm] we should think about adding a seperate functionality? The question will end up being who control the authorative list of pupils and people. No point discussing FEIDE since we dont know it.
  • Nagios2
    • Nagios2 works out of the box. But should it have a autodiscovering functionality

      like jffnms from http://www.jffnms.org has? Maybe the data can be fetched from site-summary. Munin may also be filled with data automagically if someone figure it out.

      • Remark by jever: If we handle with php, apache, mysql, and moodle, jffnms will fit perfectly in that scenario ;-)

  • CD status

    • This topic was dropped, no time left.