Log of the DebianEdu meeting on irc channel #debian-edu of 2007-01-29

Jan 29 20:24:06 *       pere has changed the topic to: meeting today at 19.30 UTC, agenda at http://wiki.debian.org/DebianEdu/Meeting | debian-edu devel channel | test release 02 is out | test release 03 work in progress, download at ftp://ftp.skolelinux.no/cd-etch-test | please test the daily builds and coordinate the development
Jan 29 20:24:33 <vagrantc>      since i'm not actively involved or opinionated on any of the topics, i can offer to moderate
Jan 29 20:25:10 <pere>  vagrantc: ah, great.  I just put myself up, as there were none.
Jan 29 20:25:55 *       h01ger can log and will be back in 8min, sorry :( need to walk the dog, nap was too long, debconf-meeting to follow
Jan 29 20:25:55 <vagrantc>      pere: i'll steal it from you, if you don't mind :)
Jan 29 20:26:13 <pere>  I do not mind at all.
Jan 29 20:26:29 *       jever has quit (Remote host closed the connection)
Jan 29 20:26:55 <pere>  I'm happy to report growing popcon numbers on <URL: http://popcon.skolelinux.org/ >.
Jan 29 20:27:46 *       sepski figures ill make it fine :)
Jan 29 20:28:36 *       vagrantc is happy that fixed ltsp packages finally hit etch after waiting on the alpha buildd for 9 days.
Jan 29 20:28:45 <sepski>        vagrantc, http://wiki.debian.org/DebianEdu/HowTo/LocalDeviceLtspfs did i miss anything  ? i figured we woudn't get enyone else to test it unless it was spelled out :]
Jan 29 20:29:02 <vagrantc>      sepski: i already fixed something on it :)
Jan 29 20:29:32 <vagrantc>      meeting in 2 minutes, please identify yourself with /me = Your Name
Jan 29 20:29:57 <sepski>        vagrantc, ohh so you did :) 
Jan 29 20:30:00 <vagrantc>      should we do the "next meeting" topic first, just to get it out of the way?
Jan 29 20:30:07 <pere>  vagrantc: yeah, why not.
Jan 29 20:30:18 *       sepski = Ronny Aasen
Jan 29 20:30:26 *       vagrantc = Vagrant Cascadian
Jan 29 20:30:33 <pere>  vagrantc: but before that we need the log collector and the summary writer.
Jan 29 20:30:39 *       pere = Petter Reinholdtsen
Jan 29 20:30:58 *       jever (~ln@pD9576BE0.dip.t-dialin.net) has joined #debian-edu
Jan 29 20:31:06 *       [-oskar-] = Xavier Oswald
Jan 29 20:31:08 *       vagrantc has changed the topic to: meeting in progress: http://wiki.debian.org/DebianEdu/Meeting
Jan 29 20:31:09 <sepski>        i can collect the log. 
Jan 29 20:31:16 <vagrantc>      pere: h01ger offered to collect the log
Jan 29 20:31:30 *       jever = Jürgen Leibner
Jan 29 20:31:45 <sepski>        ohh nevermind me then 
Jan 29 20:32:00 <vagrantc>      but it never hurts to have two log collectors ...
Jan 29 20:32:10 <sepski>        h01ger, overwrite me in the meeting wiki :)
Jan 29 20:32:14 <vagrantc>      anyone offer to do the meeting summary?
Jan 29 20:32:43 <sepski>        i'd prefer if i didnt do that today. ill be busy afterwards and tomorrow. 
Jan 29 20:33:09 *       pere is reluctant to do that.  I need to work on sysvinit when the meeting is over.
Jan 29 20:33:28 <pere>  and my days are just packed.
Jan 29 20:33:31 <vagrantc>      it's obviously not a good thing, but could we hope to find a summary writer post-meeting?
Jan 29 20:33:52 <sepski>        probably a hopeless task
Jan 29 20:34:05 <sepski>        ill try to do it right afterwards. 
Jan 29 20:34:16 <pere>  vagrantc: I've never suceeded in finding a summary writer after a meeting.
Jan 29 20:34:47 <pere>  jever: can you write the summary?
Jan 29 20:35:21 <jever> I hope to, but you have to wait for a little bit
Jan 29 20:35:41 <pere>  I suspect those not present would prefer to get the summary tomorrow.
Jan 29 20:36:05 *       h01ger = Holger Levsen
Jan 29 20:36:10 <h01ger>        sepski, uh, sorry
Jan 29 20:36:36 <jever> tomorrow, ok I'll try
Jan 29 20:36:41 <vagrantc>      ok...
Jan 29 20:36:55 *       vagrantc has changed the topic to: meeting in progress: http://wiki.debian.org/DebianEdu/Meeting : next meeting
Jan 29 20:37:13 <pere>  2-3 weeks from now?
Jan 29 20:37:15 <vagrantc>      do we want to stick with this time on mondays?
Jan 29 20:37:22 <h01ger>        as written i prefer to put it on a different weekday
Jan 29 20:37:49 <pere>  I am busy tuesdays, and would rather stay away from thursday too.  the rest are more or less available.
Jan 29 20:38:35 <C14r>  C14r=Christian Kuelker
Jan 29 20:38:35 <h01ger>        we could try a wednesday then? and if that doesnt work... go back to mondays :) debconf will go to a two-weekly schedule soon
Jan 29 20:38:45 <sepski>        i'd prefert to not have tuesdays as well. the others is most often ok, as long as it's as late as this
Jan 29 20:38:52 *       Bman^ (~andre@5.80-203-34.nextgentel.com) has joined #debian-edu
Jan 29 20:39:29 <sepski>        h01ger, wedensday 14/2     in  2.5 weeks ?
Jan 29 20:39:36 <pere>  wednesday is mostly fine with me.  Got board meetings with NUUG every month or so, but it should be easy to avoid.
Jan 29 20:39:42 <pere>  14/2 is occupied.
Jan 29 20:39:49 <h01ger>        21/2 ?
Jan 29 20:40:16 <pere>  21/2 is fine, I believe.
Jan 29 20:40:54 <vagrantc>      any concerns or objections to wednesday 2007-2-21  ?
Jan 29 20:40:57 <h01ger>        so lets try, announce it on the list and if too many people cry, move it to 19/2 - unless thats debconf-neeting day..
Jan 29 20:41:09 <pere>  yeah. 
Jan 29 20:41:29 <jever> ack
Jan 29 20:41:32 <sepski>        jever, announce as part of the summary  ?
Jan 29 20:42:27 <jever> yes
Jan 29 20:42:33 *       vagrantc has changed the topic to: meeting in progress: http://wiki.debian.org/DebianEdu/Meeting : developer gathering in france
Jan 29 20:42:37 <vagrantc>      ok moving on ...
Jan 29 20:42:56 <h01ger>        anybody here consider going who is not listed in the wiki?
Jan 29 20:43:12 <h01ger>        afaik they can sponsor 30 people but only 8 or so are in the wiki
Jan 29 20:43:26 <h01ger>        we could announce it on the norwegian local list - should we?
Jan 29 20:43:28 *       pere would love to, but do not have the spare time needed.
Jan 29 20:43:36 <h01ger>        iirc it was on the german list as well
Jan 29 20:43:37 <pere>  h01ger: it is probably a good idea. 
Jan 29 20:43:39 *       sepski would love to too, but no time. 
Jan 29 20:43:45 <h01ger>        pere, can you do it?
Jan 29 20:44:08 <pere>  notice, the number of people is not a problem.  my experience is that smaller gatherings are more productive than larger ones.
Jan 29 20:44:09 <h01ger>        maybe you can come for a shorter time? i'm also considering not going full time as i need to work - or working there :-/
Jan 29 20:45:19 <C14r>  h01ger: my vaccation is not granted till jet.
Jan 29 20:45:56 <pere>  h01ger: nope.  I will give priority to FOSDEM and the DevJam meeting if I can go, and I most likely most skip that as well. :(
Jan 29 20:46:02 <vagrantc>      not that i could arrange the time for myself, but if there is aren't as many people able to come, would it be feasible to open it up to participants that are further away (i.e. more expensive) ?
Jan 29 20:46:07 <h01ger>        ok, lets move on? (pere you sent a mail?)
Jan 29 20:46:13 <h01ger>        vagrantc, send mail and ask them?
Jan 29 20:46:30 <pere>  I'm helping the java people to get together ad fosdem.  it is a debian-edu thing, so it is worth mentioning here.
Jan 29 20:46:32 <[-oskar-]>     hmm nobody from the french team will be there :/
Jan 29 20:46:43 <pere>  andreas sculdei is also doing it.
Jan 29 20:46:55 <pere>  [-oskar-]: not even you? 
Jan 29 20:47:17 <pere>  h01ger: I'll try to get an email shipped.
Jan 29 20:47:28 <pere>  need to dig up the original invitation.
Jan 29 20:47:29 <[-oskar-]>     pere: It will during my school time :/
Jan 29 20:47:30 *       sapphire (~sapphire@SE400.PPPoE-1041.sa.bih.net.ba) has joined #debian-edu
Jan 29 20:48:11 <vagrantc>      any more comments on the developer gathering in france?
Jan 29 20:48:36 <h01ger>        next point?
Jan 29 20:48:37 *       vagrantc has changed the topic to: meeting in progress: http://wiki.debian.org/DebianEdu/Meeting : local-team mailinglist (.au/.nz)
Jan 29 20:49:03 <vagrantc>      who put on the agenda?
Jan 29 20:49:05 <h01ger>        i've found four people in .au and .nz interested in skolelinux and hooked them up with knut and white
Jan 29 20:49:14 *       h01ger did
Jan 29 20:49:27 <h01ger>        and i was thinking they could use a mailinglist
Jan 29 20:49:51 <pere>  h01ger: can they use the quiet english speaking users list?
Jan 29 20:50:00 <h01ger>        afaics the german team provides mailinglists for some localized teams
Jan 29 20:50:08 <h01ger>        pere, you mean d-e@l.d.o?
Jan 29 20:50:13 <pere>  h01ger: nope.
Jan 29 20:50:46 <h01ger>        which do you mean then? :)
Jan 29 20:51:02 <[-oskar-]>     we have a french debian-edu list too on debian-edu-fr@l.d.o
Jan 29 20:51:21 <h01ger>        and then we can move on, from my point :) i'm happy to report about skolelinux in .au another time :) and the video of my talk should be up $soon as well :)
Jan 29 20:51:31 <h01ger>        [-oskar-], ic
Jan 29 20:52:03 <pere>  h01ger: I'll dig up the address.  I see it is not mentioned on the list of lists.
Jan 29 20:52:09 <vagrantc>      h01ger: are there any topics you would like to discuss before you need to go?
Jan 29 20:52:36 <h01ger>        moodle + cipux
Jan 29 20:52:47 <vagrantc>      ok, i'll put those next ...
Jan 29 20:52:58 <vagrantc>      unless there are objections, of course :)
Jan 29 20:53:04 *       vagrantc has changed the topic to: meeting in progress: http://wiki.debian.org/DebianEdu/Meeting : moodle
Jan 29 20:53:16 <h01ger>        i put moodle on the agenda, as i met the author and he reminded me of moodle :) iirc its not on the first cd, but used by the .de+.fr teams
Jan 29 20:54:04 <sepski>        i think it's large ? 
Jan 29 20:54:28 <h01ger>        well, its also very useful :)
Jan 29 20:54:55 <pere>  the english-speaking list for skolelinux users is available from <URL: https://init.linpro.no/mailman/skolelinux.no/listinfo/admin-discuss >
Jan 29 20:55:00 <sepski>        but the cd have limited space. is it realy too bad to have to apt-get it ? or install from dvd  ?
Jan 29 20:55:14 <jever> the last try I made a month ago to install it on debian-edu-etch fails
Jan 29 20:55:22 <[-oskar-]>     I think it will take 35Mb :/
Jan 29 20:55:45 <pere>  we would have to remove OOo to fit that on the CD, I suspect.
Jan 29 20:55:51 <h01ger>        pere, thanks. my talk is also online now: http://mirror.linux.org.au/pub/linux.conf.au/2007/video/monday/monday_1600_Debian-Intro_to_Debian-Edu_and_Building_a_Local_Community.ogg :)
Jan 29 20:56:32 <pere>  we could at least put it in our wishlist, to get it on the second CD and the DVD.
Jan 29 20:56:52 <[-oskar-]>     I think so
Jan 29 20:56:54 <h01ger>        that would be good, yes.. where is the wishlist? 
Jan 29 20:57:02 <h01ger>        wantedpkgs?
Jan 29 20:57:04 <pere>  h01ger: debian-edu/, the tasks. :)
Jan 29 20:57:33 <pere>  adding it as a suggests for main-server would do it, I believe.
Jan 29 20:58:24 <pere>  and getting people using it to install popularity-contest would increase its chance of making it to the first CD. :)
Jan 29 20:58:32 <vagrantc>      any more discussion on this topic?
Jan 29 20:58:42 <h01ger>        pere, http://wiki.debian.org/DebianEdu/Tasks ?
Jan 29 20:58:57 <pere>  h01ger: nope, svn, parallell to debian-edu-config and debian-edu-install
Jan 29 20:59:09 <h01ger>        anyway, can you please add it to both? 
Jan 29 20:59:21 <pere>  the package lists there are used both to generate the CDs and to select packages during installation.
Jan 29 20:59:22 <h01ger>        i'm terrible busy, been at home for 21h so far :-/
Jan 29 20:59:47 <pere>  someone with moodle knowledge should do it.  I do not know what packages are needed.
Jan 29 21:00:43 <[-oskar-]>     moodle & moodle-debian-edu-theme I think, but I don't have knowledge around moodle
Jan 29 21:01:11 <jever> you should have mysql installed before
Jan 29 21:01:17 <[-oskar-]>     yes
Jan 29 21:01:18 <pere>  someone with moodle knowledge need to provide the package list.  I can commit it if they cant do it themselves, but I need to have the list of debian package names.
Jan 29 21:01:30 <vagrantc>      i only see three moodle-related packages: moodle, moodle-book and moodle-debian-edu-theme ...
Jan 29 21:01:43 <pere>  oh.  that kind of packages are painful to get working out of the box.
Jan 29 21:01:43 <h01ger>        it is installed on the german-live-cd, afaik from debian packages
Jan 29 21:01:46 <vagrantc>      dependency resolution should pull in the rest, no?
Jan 29 21:01:56 <[-oskar-]>     pere: yes
Jan 29 21:02:24 <[-oskar-]>     pere: It needs to be configured manually :/
Jan 29 21:02:29 <jever> last times the dependencies could'nt be fullfilled cleanly on etch
Jan 29 21:02:47 <pere>  [-oskar-]: well, then people can fetch it from the net.  no use having it installed automatically.
Jan 29 21:03:21 <h01ger>        but still adding a suggests: to main-server?
Jan 29 21:03:28 <vagrantc>      we have 28 minites left, and 3 more topics ...
Jan 29 21:03:41 <[-oskar-]>     pere: I think so, or someone can work on auto-install scripts
Jan 29 21:03:47 <pere>  h01ger: yeah.  does not hurt to try.
Jan 29 21:04:04 <C14r>  Moodle is an important app anyway.
Jan 29 21:04:57 <h01ger>        but pere has a point: if it doesnt install automatically, people can install it from the net as well
Jan 29 21:05:02 <pere>  anyone in contact with the moodle maintainer in debian?  can them be fixed to be preseedable?
Jan 29 21:05:21 <C14r>  yes, for my knowledge this is ok.
Jan 29 21:05:28 <C14r>  But for teacher also?
Jan 29 21:05:41 <h01ger>        pere, its isaac and he is generally nice to work with and responsive
Jan 29 21:05:47 <[-oskar-]>     pere: yes you can fill the mysql DB with the options you want
Jan 29 21:06:44 <sepski>        is it realy a point in filling the database with default generic values, or will they be site spesific ? 
Jan 29 21:07:00 <[-oskar-]>     h01ger: yes, he is nice and he uploaded my moodle debian-edu theme into debian, moreover AFAIK he is upstream too
Jan 29 21:07:36 *       pere is a firm beliver in setting up packages to work out of the box while allowing for consumization after installation, instead of requering a lot of configuration up front before anything will work.
Jan 29 21:08:06 <[-oskar-]>     sepski: another way will be to fill it by default stuffs and then you can configure it inside the moodle app as you want
Jan 29 21:08:59 <pere>  yeah
Jan 29 21:09:10 <jever> ack
Jan 29 21:09:18 <C14r>  For the first try this sounds better.
Jan 29 21:10:05 <vagrantc>      21 minutes, 3 topics remaining: cipux, FEIDE, Nagios2
Jan 29 21:10:10 <vagrantc>      continue with next topic?
Jan 29 21:10:17 <jever> yes
Jan 29 21:10:21 *       vagrantc has changed the topic to: meeting in progress: http://wiki.debian.org/DebianEdu/Meeting : cipux
Jan 29 21:10:45 <pere>  are there packages in the debian-edu repository?
Jan 29 21:11:19 <h01ger>        no. and winnie reported it fails to build from source atm
Jan 29 21:11:26 <[-oskar-]>     h01ger: no it works now ;)
Jan 29 21:11:51 <h01ger>        cool
Jan 29 21:11:57 <h01ger>        so when will it be uploaded? :)
Jan 29 21:12:02 <C14r>  We made it so far to install CipuX under plain Debian, but the PAM setup is not complete. Nevertheless this mean, that we will have the setup layout for Debian-Edu as well. So I will assume that ist should be installable in 2 or 3 days under Debian-Edu. The GUI will take some extra days. 
Jan 29 21:12:05 *       pere has a hard time believing it will ever show up.
Jan 29 21:12:11 <[-oskar-]>     I'm working on getting cipux working on a plain debian system too, but C14r could tell us the status on a skolelinux system :)
Jan 29 21:12:39 <C14r>  For Skole we need 2 extra files. 
Jan 29 21:12:42 *       pere should shut up, as he is not helping with motivation.
Jan 29 21:12:46 <C14r>  They should no prblem
Jan 29 21:13:06 <C14r>  But jever server broke down this week end, so we will see this eveneing
Jan 29 21:13:22 *       h01ger hugs pere for giving back motivation :)
Jan 29 21:13:42 <C14r>  pere: ??
Jan 29 21:14:23 <h01ger>        C14r, just ignore what he said :)
Jan 29 21:14:33 <[-oskar-]>     :)
Jan 29 21:14:37 <h01ger>        just provide/finish the packaging :)
Jan 29 21:14:46 *       jever brings up an extra-server this evening to continue testing
Jan 29 21:15:01 <C14r>  jever: Thx.
Jan 29 21:15:04 *       h01ger will need to work the next two weeks and wont have (much|any) time for cipux, i guess... :(
Jan 29 21:15:36 <C14r>  h01ger: ok, who will make the changes in the Skole SVN?
Jan 29 21:16:03 <pere>  h01ger: are you tracking the other ldap admin tools as well?
Jan 29 21:16:13 <h01ger>        C14r, where/what changes?
Jan 29 21:16:16 <[-oskar-]>     I will have free time this week, I can even brings up a server with a ssh connection if jever cannot have his server working..
Jan 29 21:16:32 <h01ger>        pere, partly. but lwat is still not half as ready as cipux i fear...
Jan 29 21:16:44 <jever> [-oskar-]: thanks
Jan 29 21:16:46 <C14r>  [-oskar-]: With debian-Edu?, ok
Jan 29 21:17:17 <h01ger>        C14r, where/what changes in skolelinux svn?
Jan 29 21:17:31 <[-oskar-]>     C14r: yes
Jan 29 21:18:05 <C14r>  h01ger: I will describe on a wiki page later, ok?
Jan 29 21:18:11 <[-oskar-]>     C14r: we can speak about that post-meeting
Jan 29 21:18:19 <h01ger>        C14r, ok. 
Jan 29 21:18:37 <h01ger>        just mark it with "needs to be added to skolelinux-svn by holger" or something :)
Jan 29 21:18:44 <C14r>  h01ger: ok
Jan 29 21:19:05 <pere>  h01ger: ok.  at least we got packages in the archive. :)
Jan 29 21:19:59 <vagrantc>      any more cipux discussion?
Jan 29 21:20:15 <vagrantc>      10 minutes to go, 2 topics left: FEIDE, nagios
Jan 29 21:20:18 <vagrantc>      2
Jan 29 21:20:42 <pere>  feide is getting more and more popular in norway.  the goverment have decided it is required for schools to use it.
Jan 29 21:20:47 *       vagrantc has changed the topic to: meeting in progress: http://wiki.debian.org/DebianEdu/Meeting : FEIDE complient LDAP scheme (#537)
Jan 29 21:21:00 <pere>  sep: you put it on the agenda?
Jan 29 21:21:10 <sepski>        no. but i added to the bugreport 
Jan 29 21:21:19 *       h01ger added it to agenda
Jan 29 21:21:23 <pere>  right.
Jan 29 21:21:28 <h01ger>        but i know nothing about it, except what pere just said
Jan 29 21:21:33 <sepski>        question must be, is it requiered for debian-edu to be FEIDE compatible for a school to be FEIDE compatible
Jan 29 21:22:19 <sepski>        I dont know much about it either, but my school contact said that he have purchased a online, school management tool
Jan 29 21:22:51 <sepski>         and this tool is suposedly FEIDE compliant, since he's requiered to have that as part of a test school
Jan 29 21:23:47 <sepski>        so i guess it boils down to  "can a school use debian-edu and still be FEIDE compatible ?"
Jan 29 21:24:36 <pere>  sepski: I guess so, as our LDAP is for users and groups, while FEIDE is for persons.  those are not the same.
Jan 29 21:25:12 <pere>  it is useful to pupulate the user ldap tree using information from the person database, but that can be done separately.
Jan 29 21:25:18 <sepski>        but the whole idea is that FEIDE compatible users can use resources online at various FEIDE compatible sites and the SITE will get the requiered credentials and info from the FEIDE school management 
Jan 29 21:25:48 <sepski>        so either we must have a way to import from whatever school managemet the school uses. or we must be the FEIDE database for that school
Jan 29 21:25:55 <pere>  On the technical side, FEIDE is an LDAP three with a given schema based on eduPerson.
Jan 29 21:27:02 <vagrantc>      4 minutes left, 1 topic remaining ...
Jan 29 21:27:05 <pere>  sepski: or someone can provide the FEIDE database for the school, and the skolelinux installation can import data from that database.
Jan 29 21:27:20 <jever> when we have a working admintool[tm] we should think about adding a seperate functionality?
Jan 29 21:27:35 <h01ger>        is it realistic to change our ldap scheme to a feide complient one in time for our etch?
Jan 29 21:27:38 <h01ger>        do we want that?
Jan 29 21:27:39 <vagrantc>      shall we continue to discuss FEIDE or postpone nagios2 to another meeting?
Jan 29 21:27:44 <h01ger>        does cipux work with that?
Jan 29 21:27:49 <pere>  jever: yeah.  the question will end up being who control the authorative list of pupils and people.
Jan 29 21:27:53 <sepski>        no point discussing FEIDE since we dont know it. 
Jan 29 21:28:01 <pere>  I'm interested in the nagios status.
Jan 29 21:28:04 <sepski>        should have more school peaople at the meetings
Jan 29 21:28:15 *       vagrantc has changed the topic to: meeting in progress: http://wiki.debian.org/DebianEdu/Meeting : Nagios2
Jan 29 21:28:37 <C14r>  h01ger: I dont know FEIDE. 
Jan 29 21:28:56 <pere>  C14r: would you like to know more?
Jan 29 21:29:02 <h01ger>        one last question about feide: is it an norwegian or european thing?
Jan 29 21:29:03 <C14r>  pere: of course!
Jan 29 21:29:03 <sepski>        nagios works out of the box. but do we need more tests, and have i put in redundant tests ? 
Jan 29 21:29:18 *       vagrantc notices another agenda item snuck in after the start of the meeting: CD status
Jan 29 21:29:30 <jever> nagios2 needs to be more preconfigured
Jan 29 21:29:33 <sepski>        h01ger, i assumed it was some EU thing that norway impements faster then EU becouse we love to suck up ? 
Jan 29 21:29:33 <pere>  h01ger: it started as a norwegian thing.  now it is nordic, and cooperating with USA.
Jan 29 21:29:52 <pere>  sepski: nope, it is a uninett project.
Jan 29 21:29:58 <sepski>        pere, okay :)
Jan 29 21:29:58 <h01ger>        then we should aim for feide for etch i'd say
Jan 29 21:30:04 <h01ger>        s/aim/do/
Jan 29 21:30:39 <vagrantc>      1 minute left .... more comments on nagios2 or the CD status?
Jan 29 21:30:53 <sepski>        jever, what more tests do you like to see ? 
Jan 29 21:31:13 <vagrantc>      0 minutes left, talk infinitely fast
Jan 29 21:31:14 <pere>  I believe the CD is ready for a new test release.  any volunteers?
Jan 29 21:31:20 <sepski>        well if you install a etch-test you will find the link to nagios on the http://tjener page. 
Jan 29 21:31:39 <pere>  sepski: any luck generating nagios config based on sitesummary data?
Jan 29 21:32:18 <jever> sepski: It should have a autodiscovering functionality
Jan 29 21:32:24 <sepski>        pere, have had no time to look at that closely. but i must get hostnames from somewhere. 
Jan 29 21:32:42 <sepski>        I guess the same could be said for munin
Jan 29 21:32:46 <pere>  /var/lib/sitesummary/entries/ should have it
Jan 29 21:32:54 <jever> sepski: have you had a look at jffnms?
Jan 29 21:33:23 <sepski>        pere, nice ill look when i have time
Jan 29 21:33:39 <sepski>        jever, never heard of it
Jan 29 21:34:11 <jever> it is a deb in sarge and etch :-)
Jan 29 21:34:21 <vagrantc>      we are 3 minutes over time, do we want to continue the meeting, or call it good for the day?
Jan 29 21:34:56 <jever> call it good for now, I have to write the summary ;-)
Jan 29 21:34:57 <pere>  I can continue for a few more minutes before I have to move to the next task.
Jan 29 21:35:24 <sepski>        h01ger, you or me put the log on the wiki ? 
Jan 29 21:35:27 <C14r>  pere: http://feide.no/ ? Then Feide is a identity management system on a national level for the educational sector in Norway. Seems to be more work to implement. And "nation wide" is Germany a problem i 2 dimensions: 1) because we have ferderal states. 2) from the point of data security (security against the state, not technical)
Jan 29 21:35:36 <h01ger>        sepski, please do
Jan 29 21:35:42 <h01ger>        i'm in the debconf7 meeting now
Jan 29 21:35:42 <sepski>        h01ger, ack
Jan 29 21:35:46 <h01ger>        and its good if its done :)
Jan 29 21:36:16 *       vagrantc calls the meeting over
Jan 29 21:36:23 <vagrantc>      discuss "unofficially" as much as you want :)
Jan 29 21:36:27 <pere>  C14r: yes.  and it is not nation wide in the empire sense.  it is nation wide in the protocol standarda and federation sense.
Jan 29 21:37:15 <pere>  all schools keep their own data, and make deals with service providers to allow their people to use the service by authenticating against the schools FEIDE server.
Jan 29 21:37:37 <C14r>  pere: ok that is better.
Jan 29 21:37:45 <C14r>  What is "Feide organization is also responsible for the operation and development of Moria"?
Jan 29 21:37:45 *       vagrantc has changed the topic to: next meeting 2007-02-21 at 19.30 UTC, agenda at http://wiki.debian.org/DebianEdu/Meeting | debian-edu devel channel | test release 02 is out | test release 03 work in progress, download at ftp://ftp.skolelinux.no/cd-etch-test | please test the daily builds and coordinate the development
Jan 29 21:37:49 <jever> sepski: in a thought, if we handle with php and apache and mysql, moodle, jffnms will fit perfectly in that scenario ;-)
Jan 29 21:38:40 <pere>  it is expected that the norwegian government will make agreements with big service providers for all schools to use, but I would expect each school can choose to use those agreements or not.