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  1. JuergenLeibner Configuring Apache2 to serve https is needed

  2. Bits from the security team for Debian-Edu/Skolelinux 3.0
  3. postoffice setup smtp/imap/client
  4. CipUX Status
  5. buildds logs
  6. next meeting



1. Configuring apache2 to serve https

Juergen Leibner Stated the need to have https/ssl served from the Main server. Mostly for CipUX, but other services could benefit also. It's agreed as a nessecary item. Ronny Aasen is working on enabeling ssl in apache2, and will report to the mailinglist.

2. Bits from the security team for Debian-Edu/Skolelinux 3.0

White explained about debian-edu spesific security, and the need to keep local packages to a minimum. a rough list of packages is debian-edu-install, debian-edu-config, CipUX, ltspfs. A better list would be a advantage, if someone would compile one. It was decided not to define a general rule for the packages. Just say that it should be a minimum and leave it to ftpmasters and security team to complain if it becomes to many.

3. Postoffice setup

Pere reported from finnarne that the postoffice setup was broken. none had tested this, so none could verify. A bug report would be nice. jever is investigating the issue.

4. CipUX status

C14r announced happily that CipUX 3.2.14 is Linitian and Linda free. 3 items remains for CipUX : the installer script, the https webserver, and some bug regarding lib-frombuilder. Christian Kuelker is working on the installer script. Ronny is working on the https issues. oscar asked h0lger to upload packages to etch-test, so more can get a look at the packages.

5. buildd

luk announced the the buildd logs of both notus and thjazi (powerpc and amd64 buildds for etch-skolelinux) go to holger. thjazi has finally been setup correctly and the first builds are getting uploaded.

6. Next meeting

29th of January, please update the agenda with items for the meeting.