Summary of the meeting on 20.11.2006 IRC meeting.

The Agenda can be found at:

The following people gave input to the meeting:

Dev-Camp in January in France

Letting people know about Dev-Camp from the 8th of January 2007 till the 12th of January 2007 ( which will be an excellent opportunity to meet with the different teams to strengthen the cooperation.

There still needs to be sorted out some details like who decides on the sponsoring etc.

Next meeting

Next meeting will be 11.12.2006 at 19h30 UTC

Status of Etch

Blocker bug is fixed.

Not yet up-to-date with new d-i.

We recommend everyone to run "debian-edu-test-install > test.log && grep error: test.log" when they do test installations, to find the detected errors.

This for instance uncovered a wrong ispell dictionary.

New test release?

Long overdue, could be built by copying the CD, writing release notes and testing. white, luk and jever will try to do it next weekend.

CipUX status

The perl-libs are in sid now, the cipux packages are being prepared, the frontend-rewrite is coming but not done yet. Preceeding will only work when the packages are ready.

Webmin is no option anymore and CipUX seems the only option left for a nice user admin system.

FEIDE ( compliance is important for Norwegian schools, so has to be checked.

Decision will probably be made at next IRC meeting. 3 important criteria: active development; someone willing to integrate it with Debian Edu; and ldap scheme compatibility.

amd64 port

Positive factors: increased memory address space, users want it, we would have an upgrade patch Negative factors: slower binaries, more CPU cache space is spent on the programs, more space needed on the server, needs to be included into the build system

Script changes for the build system will be done by h01ger and luk.

powerpc buildd upload problems

powerpc buildd and archive status is mostly good except some upload problems which will be taken care of by zobel and Werner hopefully.

first steps document for sarge and etch

There is no good intro document. There are some documents in different languages, but there is no joined effort...

EDUSOL, the Second On-line Encounter of Education and Free Software.

Gunnar Wolf announced this online edu meeting which he is willing to translate live.

Living together of Linux- and Windowsclients at the home shares (samba/nfs/console) and the need of configuring it right

When a user accesses a directory from a Linux machine or from a Windows machine at school they must see the same filenames and content with the same access rights... This is bug #1064. Will be discussed in the bug and maybe on the list.

Status of kiosk modes and further plans

white is working on two kiosk modes: one for high school students and one for children.