Meeting notes for the Debian Edu meeting taking place on #debian-edu 2006-10-30 17:00 UTC.





Releasing new test version (test02)

pere states that as far as he knows the i386-build of the etch-test CD is in an releaseable state, but in the ppc-build still some packages are not ported (he tries to kick aba to port them, or pere wants to setup his own buildd). So we decide not to release the ppc-build of skolelinux yet and moved on to the DVD i386-build. h01ger said that many schools in .de and the Testzentrum in Gütersloh will test this release. Furthermore we should point some people to this image in order to get some more "permanent" testers. So the DVD image will be released, too. At last pere states that we need someone who will write the release notes, because he has no time to do that on his own.

Status of Etch

According to sepski the status page of Debian-Edu for Etch is up to date, except the keyboard layout issue, which is fixed now. The CD build isn't unstable any longer and the CDs have now correct content. Furthermore our RC Bug is still open and sepski will try to have a look on the nagios related stuff. winnie will have a look on the bug related to ntp. Another issue is the artwork issue, the boot splash image has to improved.

Useradmin Problem

The next huge problem which was discussed in the meeting is that we really need a replacement for wlus + webmin, because webmin is not longer in debian. There are several possible solutions:

  1. CipUX: The moodle php plugin is very buggy (there are several security issues) and SammyWG said that she will rewrite this php plugin from scratch. Furthermore the backend (the rpc daemon) has to be tested for security issues. For more details look on the thread on debian-edu@l.d.o "CipUX cat-web (first code)", which was started on 2006-10-30. Another problem with CipUX is, that the packages are not that good, so we have to improve them (add some debconf questions and/or scripts to configure CipUX automatically and to edit the needed files during the installation without a user interaction. So it will be impossible to be in time, so we have to upload CipUX (if we use it) to our archive. The last blocker is a migration plan from wlus to cipux (because of automatic upgrades from sarge to etch)

  2. Maintaining webmin ourself: Of course we could maintain webmin ourself, but webmin has very many bugs, which should be fixed before it enters debian again.


The next topic is if and how we spread libdvdcss, because in some countries this library is illegal (e.g. Germany), but in Norway this lib is legal. zobel suggest that we could provide an installer which downloads the libdvdcss package from a server, where this lib is not illegal (here Norway).

Replace syslog with syslog-ng

Because the maintainer of syslog doesn't want to have debconf questions in his package, we cannot make this preseedable. But in order to solve our RC Bug (#311188) we have to change the configuration file of syslog. winnie figures out that syslog-ng isn't preseedable atm, but he wants to contact the maintainer to ask him, if he likes the idea of making syslog-ng preseedable.

The next meeting will be at 2006-11-13 at 18.00 UTC