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[[PageList(DebianEdu/Meeting/20060925/)]] <<PageList(DebianEdu/Meeting/20060925/)>>

Meetings for the Debian Edu comunity takes place on #debian-edu on freenode

DebianEdu meeting

The meeting was on #debian-edu (irc.debian.org), 2006-09-25 17:00 UTC (19:00 CET - norwegian time).

  • Moderator: Petter Reinholdtsen
  • Log collector: Steffen Joeris
  • Writing summary: Ronny Aasen


  • status of the installer
    • etch-test dvd and powerpc PC, g-i, volatile, security packages
  • Kernels to support
    • on the servers
    • on the thinclients
  • status of the never ending bug #311188
  • apt-key management
  • user/host management in ldap
  • status of merging french addons into base
  • artwork


The following people gave input to the meeting:

  • pere: Petter Reinholdtsen, white: Steffen Joeris, h01ger: Holger Levsen, jever: Jørgen Leibner, sepski: Ronny Aasen, Baby: Miriam Ruiz, [-oskar-]: Xavier Oswald, vagrantc: Vagrant Cascadian,

status of the installer

  • Steffen gave prise for the work done on the installer. CD is mostly working as expected with the exceptions of ltsp building. call for testers: DVD and powerpc builds need more testing. Hopefully they can be included in the next test release, in 2-3 weeks time.
  • g-i: to enable g-i we need to use a more recent debian-cd, and we need artwork for it. Steffen will work on upgrading our debian-cd. Artwork remains.
  • amd64: Holger will enable a amd64 cd, this also need testers as soon as it's ready.
  • volatile: it was decided we should provide commented volatile sources.list entries. Admin must still uncomment to use, as normal. Ronny volunteered for this.
  • security: we want to include security packages on the built cd's. But since it's dependant on debian-cd it's postponed until debian-cd is up to date. debian-cd will require a local mirror of security, this can be implemented immediately.

What Kernels to support on the cd

  • Petter gave a status on the kernels. cd builds have one kernel, currently 486. DVD have all kernels. CD don't have space for more then 1 kernel. ltsp currently require a 486 kernel to build the chroot, this changes in the next ltsp version. We stay with 486 kernels on the cd, at lest until we can test a 686 on the new ltsp version.

status of the never ending bug #311188

  • It was stated that winnie had made progress on some of the bugs blocking 311188. Holger commented that we could not expect a etch ignore flag, he also commented that it was not critical since we use our own archive anyway. Steffen and Petter clarified that we are not breaking the written policy, since debian-edu-config dont alter conffiles on a regular debian system. One must install it, and run the cfengine scripts, or use our installer to do that. But a debian-edu system suffers from 2 cases, a upgrade (eg security) of a package can overwrite our symlinks causing the package to fail. And a upgrade between version will ask the admin about a lot of conffiles. We need to check our cfengine script to see if we need all of them, and work on getting the remaining issues preseedable or configurable
  • Etch release policy http://release.debian.org/etch_rc_policy.txt

apt-key management

  • Petter have packaged debian-edu-archive-keyring, its currently sitting in NEW. He mentioned he had to do a workaround using apt-key add instead of apt-key update. Something that will not work on network installs. We may hook into apt-setup to get our key copied into the /target before debootstrap start. Work is needed here.

user/host management in ldap

  • We are in a need of a host/user/nethost admin tool. We must find a alternative to wlus, or start maintaining webmin ourself. Some alternatives exist in debian, useradmin and phpldapadmin. These need testing to see if they can be used. Cipux is another alternative. Xavier stated it was under rapid development recently. Whatever alternative we want to use, it must be packaged and in debian or our archive. For it to be included on the cd.

status of merging french addons into base

  • Little have been heard from the french team lately. Petter and Steffen have tried to include them but have received little response. Reasons for this is uncertain, but likely a misunderstanding, or just too much work. Xavier stated that nothing blocks the international community from working on the "french" packages on alioth. This is a request for comments. A situation report would be very welcome. If the international community could better understand the needs of the french developers. It would be easier to help.
  • the list of packages http://wiki.debian.org/DebianEdu/MovingFrAddonsIntoBase


  • Petter have done a huge job on creating debian-edu artwork. He states that the debian-edu-artwork package need someone with artistic skills to make a better CD boot screen, a boot splash screen, kdm login screen, ldm login screen and kde wallpaper. It should brand Skolelinux/DebianEdu. While being dull enough not to distract from the applications windows. If you are proficient with graphics but not with svn you can use the websvn and hit someone up on irc or debian-edu@ to upload your graphic.
  • svn artwork http://svn.debian.org/wsvn/debian-edu/trunk/src/debian-edu-artwork/art/?rev=0&sc=0