aug 21 21:00:17 pere    if you are present, please indiate it by writing /me = Full Name
aug 21 21:00:23 *       pere = Petter Reinholdtsen
aug 21 21:00:26 *       sepski = Ronny Aasen
aug 21 21:00:26 *       vagrantc = Vagrant Cascadian
aug 21 21:00:40 *       k4x = Kurt Gramlich
aug 21 21:01:22 *       pere has changed the topic to: Current topic: Installer status - autopartitioning
aug 21 21:01:47 pere    I put it on the agenda, so I guess I should start.
aug 21 21:02:30 pere    Ronny has spent some time getting partman-auto-lvm working, and Petter has spent some time fixing ext3 generation to add the resize_inode feature.
aug 21 21:02:57 pere pere_away 
aug 21 21:03:30 pere    but I do not like the fact that it ask so many questions during installation.  I miss the single question asked by autopartkit.  I also do not like the fact that it allocates the entire LVM volume capasity to the created partitions, thus removing all flexibility.
aug 21 21:03:32 sepski  pere is that already in partman-auto-lvm ver 13, since i did a online resize of such a partition today, and it seamd to work flawlessly ? 
aug 21 21:04:00 pere    so this morning I had a look at autopartkit again, and it is now working.  we now have a choice on which autopartitioner to use.
aug 21 21:04:29 sepski  is autopartkit so ok that we can just use it and forget the whole issue ? 
aug 21 21:04:40 pere    sep: well, my "fix" is in debian-edu-install-udeb, moving /sbin/tune2fs away before the file systems are created.  then mkfs.ext3 is used instead of libparted + tune2fs.
aug 21 21:05:09 pere    sepski: autopartkit is as good as it used to be.  same feature set and same set of problems. :)
aug 21 21:05:33 sepski  ahh. well "online resize worked" for me 
aug 21 21:05:44 pere    so long term, I would like to add the nice features from autopartkit into partman, to be able to share the features of partman.
aug 21 21:05:47 sepski  i was not involved then so i dont know much about it
aug 21 21:06:28 pere    autopartkit supports creating several volume groups, and limiting the disk used to a certen percentage of available disk space and can use an upper limit.
aug 21 21:06:40 pere    it also support sizes relative to amount of memory, useful for swap.
aug 21 21:06:42 sepski  i sent a diff to   that from my tests works it will overwrite lvm volumes when autopartitioning
aug 21 21:07:18 sepski  partman also support size relative to ram, but uses whole disk
aug 21 21:07:33 pere    sepski: right.  did not know that.  good to hear.
aug 21 21:07:41 *       [-oskar-] ( has joined #debian-edu
aug 21 21:07:55 sepski  we use it for the swap partitions in the recipes
aug 21 21:08:45 pere    I like some of the features of partman, like the encrypted file system and raid support, so we should keep working on improving it.  but for the short term, I suggest we switch to autopartkit for the normal profiles, and switch to partman for the expert and standalone profiles.
aug 21 21:09:19 pere    if we could come up with a way to activate partman when we say no to the autopartkit question, that would be great. :)
aug 21 21:09:28 pere pere_away 
aug 21 21:09:44 pere    if you are not ok with wiping clean all your hard drives, you should get more manual control over the process. :)
aug 21 21:09:52 sepski  pere do you get more then 1 question from partman now ? i only see the confirm writing partitions question
aug 21 21:10:03 pere pere_away 
aug 21 21:10:08 pere    sepski: I see two questions from partman.
aug 21 21:10:20 pere    and both are filled with information I am sure would confuse my grandmother.
aug 21 21:11:51 sepski  indeed  the list of partitions to make are not userfriendly
aug 21 21:12:09 pere    anyway, that are my ideas for automatic partitioning.  any other ideas, comments, suggestions, protests, etc?
aug 21 21:12:13 pere pere_away 
aug 21 21:12:27 sepski  pere sounds like a good idea
aug 21 21:12:41 pere    *** newcomers: Please indicate  your presense using /me = Full Name
aug 21 21:13:05 pere    ok.  next topic.
aug 21 21:13:07 *       pere has changed the topic to: Current topic: Installer status - Package selection
aug 21 21:13:29 pere    I put that topic on the agenda as well, so I'll start.
aug 21 21:14:08 pere    I've spent some time trimming the package lists, and making some scripts to make summaries on how the CD space is spent.  The changes are sent to commits@ whenever a new Cd is built.
aug 21 21:15:38 pere    I've used the information provided by, as well as my knowledge about the packages listed in the task files, to try to make sure we have all the vital packages on the Cd.  I've tried to reduce to one program in each category, while giving priority to the programs I perceave (spelling?) as new user friendly and those with lots of users reported to popcon.
aug 21 21:17:34 pere    I started by dropping every kernel-related package except those 2.6 kernels for i686-smp.  I've also dropped vim (emacs went last year).  I choose over koffice, kmail over thunderbird, firefox as a web browser (but am not sure if we can remove konqueror so it stays).  I've added all laptop-related tools listed in the normal laptop task, and made sure the kde desktop actually work.
aug 21 21:18:01 vagrantc        ltsp will need -486
aug 21 21:18:05 vagrantc        kernels
aug 21 21:18:16 pere    I would like to drop one of kate, kedit and kwrite, but this seem to be impossible.  kate and kwrite both come from the kate package, and kedit is a dependency of kdeutils.
aug 21 21:18:56 pere    We now have kino, gcompris, stopmotion and kaffeine on the CD, as well as several other tools.  We lack a package manager, java, flash etc.
aug 21 21:19:32 pere    ah, I forgot, I also peeked at the edubuntu package list, but need to verify that we have all the relevant packages listed in our task lists.
aug 21 21:19:43 pere    so, that was my work for the last two weeks.
aug 21 21:19:57 pere    so, a short summary on how the package magic work.
aug 21 21:20:25 pere    for the details, I recommend the irc log stefen posted on the list yesterday.
aug 21 21:20:28 C14r_jp C14_jp = Christian Kuelker
aug 21 21:21:20 pere    so, to put it simple, the CD is populated with the packages listed in the debian-edu tasks (using the files fetched from svn), excluding the files listed in the exclude list (fetched from alioth svn too).
aug 21 21:22:12 pere    the packages are placed on the CD in priority order, until the CD is full.  The priority order is depends first, next recommends, and last suggests.
aug 21 21:22:38 k4x     i think its time to ask for user-administration tool, what is the status of cipux?
aug 21 21:23:07 pere    all the depends for the wanted tasks are placed on the CD first in this order (from memory) common, networked, laptop, main-server, workstation (subtask standalone), thin-client-server.
aug 21 21:23:34 pere    next, the recommends using the same task order, and last the suggests from the same tasks, using the same task order.
aug 21 21:24:19 C14r_jp k4x: CipUX is usable with webmin or moodle or commandline
aug 21 21:24:20 pere    at the end, the other tasks (astronomy, math, etc) are placed, depends first, recommends next and suggests last.  at the very last on the remaining CDs (we are well into the second CD by then), are the packages listed as ignore.
aug 21 21:24:39 pere    k4x: no, not yet.  put it on the agenda first.
aug 21 21:25:15 C14r_jp pere: (ups, sorry)
aug 21 21:26:09 pere    so, if you have some package that should be included in debian-edu, and hopefully find its way to the first CD, it need to be listed in one of the tasks.  the cutoff point, where the first CD is full and the second CD is started, is at the very end of the list of user applications, between quanta and sane. :)
aug 21 21:27:12 pere    sane and xsane are the last depends, so if we had room for those, we would start on the recommended packages.
aug 21 21:27:16 *       Werner = Morten Werner Olsen
aug 21 21:27:27 Werner  sorry I'm late :/
aug 21 21:27:30 k4x     pere: agenda updatet ;-)
aug 21 21:28:00 pere    I've been quite hard when I evaluated which packages to keep.  I'm sure I made mistakes, and would very much like feedback.  popcon participation is the prefeered feedback, but any feedback is welcome. 
aug 21 21:28:31 pere    if you want to give informed feedback, please read and understand the cdspacelist-*.txt files.  They show how much space each package will fill on the CD.
aug 21 21:29:27 pere    I've noticed several of the packages that are discussed on the mailing list, like squeak, cipix and the collection of french packages are _not_ listed in the tasks.  Those interested in these packages _need_ to get the listed as recommends or suggest in one fo the tasks.
aug 21 21:29:54 pere    ok.  enough from me.  questions, comments ideas, etc?  is there some better way to select packages?
aug 21 21:30:02 pere    ah, I forgot.
aug 21 21:30:16 pere    the list of packages in the tasks now fill 700 + 600 MiB.
aug 21 21:30:26 pere pere_away 
aug 21 21:31:05 C14r_jp pere: are the results of the package contest concidered?
aug 21 21:31:22 C14r C14r_jp 
aug 21 21:31:24 pere    C14r_jp: yes.  Those are the one I call popcon results above.
aug 21 21:31:28 k4x     pere: tanks for your work!
aug 21 21:31:32 pere pere_away 
aug 21 21:31:45 Werner  pere: yeah .. you rock!
aug 21 21:32:00 C14r_jp pere: ok, nice :) thank you!
aug 21 21:32:12 pere    thank you.  in short, the standalone task work just fine, and now we can start on the configuration issues. :)
aug 21 21:32:35 k4x     pere: i think 1 Cd should have all services for server and administration, teaching software will never have enough space, so we need 2. Cd anyway
aug 21 21:33:04 pere    vagrantc: you mentioned a dependency on the i486 kernel in ltsp.  Is this a hard dependency?  I have not verified that all the ltsp dependencies are on the CD.
aug 21 21:33:13 pere pere_away 
aug 21 21:33:29 vagrantc        pere: it's not a listed dependency, it's a package that will get installed
aug 21 21:33:30 pere    k4x: well, I believe it should have at least some of the most useful teaching software.
aug 21 21:33:43 klausade        pere: about popcon, I know that several servers have been off during the summer holiday, and haven't been turned on yet.
aug 21 21:33:45 pere    vagrantc: hard dependency as will it fail to work if it is missing.
aug 21 21:33:53 sepski  pere many thinclients use via /cyrix, or other cpu's that require <686 kernels
aug 21 21:34:04 vagrantc        pere: i mean, you could install ltsp clients using the -686smp kernels, but it will not work on non-686 machines
aug 21 21:34:06 pere    klausade: yes, I suspected so myself.  I notice the number of submitters started climbing now.
aug 21 21:34:06 k4x     pere: i agree, but this is very difficult to decide ;-)
aug 21 21:34:30 vagrantc        pere: though, by default, it will try to pull in the -486 kernel.
aug 21 21:34:41 pere    vagrantc: right.  I thought it would work, just not optimized.
aug 21 21:34:54 vagrantc        pere: you'd have to manually install some other kernel, though.
aug 21 21:35:07 pere pere_away 
aug 21 21:35:37 vagrantc        pere: i.e. the code only attempts to install -486
aug 21 21:35:41 pere    I have no problem with switching to the 486 kernel.  My main goal was to reduce it to only one kernel (each occupy ~15 MiB on the CD), and I believed 686-smp would work for all.
aug 21 21:36:02 sepski  most of our thinclients (if not all) does not work on 686-smp
aug 21 21:36:15 pere    sepski: how does it fail?
aug 21 21:36:16 C14r_jp pere: not realy, my dual opteron fail with the 686-smp
aug 21 21:36:17 pere pere_away 
aug 21 21:36:27 C14r_jp pere: but it works weel with 486
aug 21 21:36:37 sepski  pere i have not investigated the issue i just reverted to 386 kernels
aug 21 21:36:39 C14r_jp s/weel/well/
aug 21 21:36:50 pere    C14r_jp: how do you manage to install debian on them?  d-i uses 686-smp.
aug 21 21:36:55 pere pere_away 
aug 21 21:37:28 pere    at least I was lead to believe that.  we should probably use the same kernel as the d-i images are using.
aug 21 21:38:06 C14r_jp pere: I installed Skole 3.0 with 2.6.16-486-2 then rsync a Skole 2.0 and boot into 2.0 with the kernel of 3.0 ...
aug 21 21:38:07 pere    so, who got time time investigate the kernel issue?
aug 21 21:38:28 pere pere_away 
aug 21 21:38:30 C14r_jp pere: recompiel 2.6.16 with smp
aug 21 21:38:44 C14r_jp s/recompiel/recompile/
aug 21 21:38:56 pere pere_away 
aug 21 21:39:02 *       tfmario ( has joined #debian-edu
aug 21 21:39:06 pere    no-one?
aug 21 21:39:08 tfmario Good morning
aug 21 21:39:15 sepski  pere i can test some of our thinclient apliances, and try to notive why it didnt work
aug 21 21:39:23 pere    *** newcomers: Please indicate  your presense using /me = Full Name
aug 21 21:39:41 pere    sepski: that would be nice.  and also find out which kernel d-i is using.
aug 21 21:39:47 tfmario k4x: I'm here.
aug 21 21:40:02 pere    any more comments on that topic before we move on?
aug 21 21:40:17 *       tfmario Mario Fux
aug 21 21:40:19 C14r_jp pere: no, d-i kernel is fine
aug 21 21:40:27 k4x     tfmario: fine, please listen and /me = 
aug 21 21:40:39 *       pere has changed the topic to: Current topic: Installer status - Configuration
aug 21 21:40:56 pere    I'll try to be short this time.  we are running out of time.
aug 21 21:41:07 sepski  etch-test d-i uses 2.6.16-2-486
aug 21 21:41:21 pere    the preseeding is finally working, and we can preseed d-i and /target/ using the default.* files in d-e-install.
aug 21 21:42:23 pere    the cfengine run is executed after the packages are installed as it should, but the code that used to run just before base-config and the package installation is now executed after all the packages are installed and before cfengine is executed.  it need to be moved from finish-install.d to post-base-install.d.
aug 21 21:42:55 pere    also, I suspect a lot of configuration is incorrect for the new versions of a lot of software in etch.  I have not started looking into what work and what does not.
aug 21 21:43:33 pere    I have added a quickfix for the libnss-ldap issue, where the entire installation would block because all user and group lookups would block forever because the ldap server was unavailable.
aug 21 21:43:41 pere    I'm sure others are needed.
aug 21 21:43:49 pere pere_away 
aug 21 21:43:51 pere    I plan to start working on the configuration next week.
aug 21 21:43:57 pere    s/next/this/
aug 21 21:44:02 sepski  pere: so we can actualy finish the install now. great :)
aug 21 21:44:30 pere    sepski: yes.  worked just fine.  did a main-server installation in qemu, and it finished ok.  something wrong with ntp config, I see.
aug 21 21:44:54 pere    any comments, questions, volunteers, etc?
aug 21 21:44:58 sepski  ill help looking tru the configs. hopefully we dont do too much double work 
aug 21 21:45:20 pere    sepski: great.
aug 21 21:45:45 pere    I plan to start on the localization-config package.  it is currently not enabled in etch.
aug 21 21:46:01 pere    any more comments, questions etc before we move on?
aug 21 21:46:21 *       pere has changed the topic to: Current topic: bug
aug 21 21:46:29 pere    so, anyone want to say anything?
aug 21 21:46:57 pere    h01ger: you put it on the agenda?
aug 21 21:47:24 pere pere_away 
aug 21 21:48:00 sepski  pere: i guess getting a policy exception for our very partiqular package is out of the question :]
aug 21 21:48:16 pere    my view on that issue is that we need to keep working on getting the packages we use preseedable, to avoid the problem described in the bug.
aug 21 21:48:22 pere pere_away 
aug 21 21:49:03 C14r_jp Is there a solution to do it in an other way?
aug 21 21:49:12 sepski  pere would renaming the conf files and making a symlink in the packages.postinst file. be legal ? then we could just point the symlink to _our_ config file without touching the packages conffile 
aug 21 21:49:17 pere    sepski: well, in my view, the d-e-c package is not breaking policy.  but even if it isn't, the release managers have decided that its behaviour is unwanted, and I doubt we will get a waiver for etch.
aug 21 21:49:29 sepski  that would be easy, but is it policy compliant
aug 21 21:49:37 pere    sepski: probably not.  we do that for some files.
aug 21 21:49:42 pere pere_away 
aug 21 21:49:49 sepski  pere, but they are not conffiles
aug 21 21:50:06 pere    sergio have a working approach where he move away files before upgrades, and move them back after upgrades.  we might use that system.
aug 21 21:50:23 pere    10 minutes left.
aug 21 21:50:58 sepski  i think we need to get more traffic on that bug, so ill write my symlink suggestion there soon, if only to get a clear negative from debian
aug 21 21:51:20 vagrantc        i still don't get why it's advantageous to have these packages in a stable release ...
aug 21 21:51:24 pere    well, I do not believe traffic as such is needed.  it is already quite long.  but it need more work.
aug 21 21:51:26 C14r_jp pere: I would support sergio's idea
aug 21 21:51:47 vagrantc        sepski: i'm pretty sure any moving of configuration/conffiles would be a bad thing...
aug 21 21:52:04 pere    vagrantc: what do you mean by these packages?
aug 21 21:52:09 sepski  vagrantc, is a symlink made during package postinst a conffile ? 
aug 21 21:52:37 pere    please, people.  check out the debian-edu-config package instead of guessing.
aug 21 21:52:42 vagrantc        pere: the debian-edu packages that do configuration of debain-edu ... debian-edu releases it's own installer, and update.
aug 21 21:53:01 vagrantc        by the time etch releases, it will be very out of date for debian-edu's purposes ...
aug 21 21:53:05 pere    vagrantc: it is because our goal is to merge debian-edu completely into debian.
aug 21 21:53:29 *       vagrantc suspects it isn't quite ready to be completely merged
aug 21 21:53:31 pere    I want debian-edu to just be a special way to configure a normal debian system.
aug 21 21:53:43 pere    vagrantc: sure, we still have some work left before we are there. :)
aug 21 21:53:49 pere    6 minutes left.
aug 21 21:53:56 vagrantc        and hence, it maybe shouldn't be released with etch in a broken state
aug 21 21:53:56 *       pere has changed the topic to: Current topic: LTSP muekow - current packages in debian (0.93debian1)
aug 21 21:54:15 vagrantc        i can talk about ltsp ...
aug 21 21:54:17 pere    should we move on, or stay with the config bug?
aug 21 21:54:24 Werner  move on
aug 21 21:54:28 pere    vagrantc: yes, please.
aug 21 21:55:16 vagrantc        ok, just recently released new ltsp (muekow) packages in sid... many, many changes, including a plugin system that might be useable by debian-edu for special installer needs (if any)
aug 21 21:55:47 vagrantc        i think it broke sarge compatibility, though it would be fairly easy to make a working backport (due to newer python policy)
aug 21 21:56:23 vagrantc        today, i looked into network swap and memory issues. current packages seem to have at least basic functionality with 32MB in sid.
aug 21 21:56:51 vagrantc        configuring network swap on the server requires creating a swapfile for each possible ip address that might need network swap
aug 21 21:57:05 vagrantc        and we'd really like to get local device support working someday ...
aug 21 21:57:11 vagrantc        that's about it... questions?
aug 21 21:57:14 pere    network swap is claimed to be vital for some schools using skolelinux.  they can't upgrade because their clients only have 32 MiB of RAM.
aug 21 21:57:40 vagrantc        pere: i think it would be possible to create a script that makes all the swapfiles
aug 21 21:57:40 pere    can the swap files be generated on the fly, when the client connects?
aug 21 21:57:57 vagrantc        you'd need a patched nbd-server for that. ltspswapd is basically that.
aug 21 21:58:09 vagrantc        don't know if it works with debian's nbd-client, though.
aug 21 21:58:18 pere    anyone working on fixing it?
aug 21 21:58:50 vagrantc        i think ogra (from ubuntu) is looking into it for ubuntu, but is very busy with the next release
aug 21 21:58:51 pere    vagrantc: did you have a look at the diskless workstation stuff?  running everything locally?
aug 21 21:59:15 vagrantc        pere: i haven't looked at it, no.
aug 21 21:59:18 pere    the only blocker I am aware of for debian-edu is the network swap, so if that is soon fixed, I am very happy. :)
aug 21 21:59:23 vagrantc        pere: does debian-edu use ldap for authentication?
aug 21 21:59:33 pere    vagrantc: yes, ldap is used.
aug 21 21:59:54 vagrantc        pere: then i imagine diskless workstations would be fairly easy to implement. haven't seen it, though.
aug 21 21:59:57 pere    should we run 20 minutes longer to try to cover the rest of the agenda, or push it to the next meeting?
aug 21 22:00:10 sepski  i can stay
aug 21 22:00:13 pere    vagrantc: we have a script to convert the normal ltsp environment to diskless workstations.
aug 21 22:00:17 *       Werner too.
aug 21 22:00:17 C14r_jp me too
aug 21 22:00:18 k4x     now please
aug 21 22:00:21 pere pere_away 
aug 21 22:00:28 vagrantc        pere: yes, i haven't tried it :)
aug 21 22:00:40 pere    more questions, comments etc?
aug 21 22:00:44 sepski  vagrantc, it works fine on the ltsp in debian edu 2.0 
aug 21 22:00:51 pere    I noticed local devices was listed on the agenda?
aug 21 22:01:01 sepski  i can see if i can test it on the ltsp packages in sid
aug 21 22:01:18 pere    usb sticks support has been requested.
aug 21 22:01:23 vagrantc        ogra's working on getting ltspfs/ltspfsd integrated into the ltsp muekow stuff ... we can hopefully steal his work :)
aug 21 22:01:38 vagrantc        ltspfs is the ltsp 4.2 way of accessing local devices
aug 21 22:01:59 vagrantc        though it might be difficult to get working for sarge- it requires the "fuse
aug 21 22:02:03 vagrantc        " kernel moduels
aug 21 22:02:04 pere    right.  sounds good.  I hope I find time to work on ltsp some time in the future.  unlikely to happen the next month. :(
aug 21 22:02:14 pere    user space file system?
aug 21 22:02:25 vagrantc        yes, i think
aug 21 22:02:27 sepski  vagrantc, those are easily build with m-a, perhaps we should just package them and put them in local ? 
aug 21 22:02:40 pere    well, if we make a new sarge release, we need to update the kernel. :)
aug 21 22:02:42 vagrantc        sepski: possibly.
aug 21 22:02:53 vagrantc        and ltsp :)
aug 21 22:02:56 pere    more on ltsp, or should we move on?
aug 21 22:03:25 pere    17 minutes left, and two topics.
aug 21 22:03:26 sepski  move on, we need to pick up ltsp again later anyway
aug 21 22:03:30 *       pere has changed the topic to: Current topic: Status of CipUX
aug 21 22:03:41 pere    anyone want to say something?
aug 21 22:04:04 k4x     i tested cipux on the LiveCD and it is working fine
aug 21 22:04:11 C14r_jp Well it is working on the live CD and installable with French add on CD
aug 21 22:04:31 k4x     so how can we now get this stuff into debian and on the first CD?
aug 21 22:04:43 pere    can those who know the package names get the listed in the relevant task files?
aug 21 22:05:03 k4x     [-oskar-]: ping
aug 21 22:05:15 pere    oh, isn't it in debian yet?  the maintainer need to find a sponsor, and get the packages uploaded.
aug 21 22:05:30 C14r_jp For example, Since  week there is a new Skolelinux/CipUX installation in Versmold with thin/fat client featues
aug 21 22:05:37 pere    *** newcomers: Please indicate  your presense using /me = Full Name
aug 21 22:05:37 C14r_jp pere: we found a sponsor
aug 21 22:06:24 pere    when is it going to be uploaded?
aug 21 22:06:35 C14r_jp pere: whe have to ask [-oskar-] 
aug 21 22:07:01 C14r_jp He is working on the Frech add on cd and on the upload
aug 21 22:07:05 sepski  cipux will be part of the main server task right ? 
aug 21 22:07:22 pere    well, reading his message on debian-edu@, he seem to need help on that. :)
aug 21 22:07:37 C14r_jp [-oskar-]: needs help?
aug 21 22:07:37 pere    sepski: I guess so. at least the server part.
aug 21 22:08:05 C14r_jp Of course I will help him, but I am only the upstream author
aug 21 22:08:07 pere    C14r_jp: there is probably enough work for several people.
aug 21 22:08:33 C14r_jp pere: yes you might be right
aug 21 22:08:46 pere    getting all the packages from the french extra CD into debian, and updating the task lists, tuning the build, fixing configuration etc.
aug 21 22:08:56 pere    ok.  12 minutes left.  more on cipux status?
aug 21 22:09:09 Werner  regarding the french-addon-cd..
aug 21 22:09:09 C14r_jp not for me
aug 21 22:09:32 Werner  we started in Extremadura, but it has not been touched since..
aug 21 22:10:17 pere    Werner: right.  that is the first list i see of which packages are on the CD. :)
aug 21 22:10:21 Werner  might be an idea to continue with that page for a status
aug 21 22:10:34 C14r_jp yes
aug 21 22:10:54 pere    Werner: yeah.  it should probably mention that the package source is in alioth svn.
aug 21 22:10:56 Werner  I can announce that page on the list ..
aug 21 22:11:18 Werner  I'll include that in my email ..
aug 21 22:11:20 pere    more on cipux and the french packages?
aug 21 22:11:22 Werner  I guess we can move on.
aug 21 22:11:25 *       pere has changed the topic to: Current topic: Status of SkoleLiveCD
aug 21 22:11:29 pere    who know more?
aug 21 22:11:32 C14r_jp k4x: internet is broke, he phone me
aug 21 22:11:57 C14r_jp k4x: has prpared to say somthing on add-on cd
aug 21 22:12:12 pere    who is he?
aug 21 22:12:23 C14r_jp on my phone ...
aug 21 22:13:18 C14r_jp
aug 21 22:13:27 C14r_jp
aug 21 22:13:41 tfmario Doesn't work, the URL.
aug 21 22:14:17 C14r_jp He would say that some should test that and we would like to have help with translation from english to norwegian 
aug 21 22:14:41 pere    C14r_jp: are all the packages on the live CD listed in the debian-edu tasks?
aug 21 22:15:05 C14r_jp pere: no, that he would like to state, ...
aug 21 22:15:17 C14r_jp But it is a little bit difficult to write now
aug 21 22:15:26 C14r_jp
aug 21 22:15:48 tfmario Works, but starts kwrite here ;-).
aug 21 22:16:03 h01ger  arg - sorry, cat distracted by RL..
aug 21 22:16:08 C14r_jp pere: over from k4x now
aug 21 22:16:19 h01ger  s/cat/got/
aug 21 22:16:55 pere    is the build scripts for the live CD available?  Can someone put them in svn?
aug 21 22:17:21 C14r_jp Are there somone who can translat that CD to norwegian?
aug 21 22:17:22 pere    can we run it daily to generate a new live CD?
aug 21 22:17:45 C14r_jp pere: k4x has them on our build server, we should ask him when is internet is ok
aug 21 22:17:51 pere    C14r_jp: translate what?  A Cd can't be translate.  what packages/files need to be translated?  
aug 21 22:18:08 pere    is the live CD built automatically, or is there manual laber involved?
aug 21 22:18:19 pere    s/laber/labour/
aug 21 22:18:27 C14r_jp pere: I do not know exacly, but there nust be welcome texts and lessons on Skolelinux
aug 21 22:18:43 C14r_jp This test ar aviable in Frenchm German, English but not Norwegian
aug 21 22:19:11 pere    the easiest approach is probably to put those files in a debian package and uploading it to debian first.
aug 21 22:19:12 C14r_jp So i think we should not publish the first Live CD without Norwegian translation
aug 21 22:19:21 pere    then, the debian translation team kick in. :)
aug 21 22:19:34 C14r_jp pere: Good suggestion!
aug 21 22:19:46 C14r_jp pere: I a sure k4x will read the log
aug 21 22:19:56 pere    Assuming .po files are involed, which they should be for translations. :)
aug 21 22:20:38 pere    anything more?  time is up.
aug 21 22:20:41 C14r_jp pere: well wee will see. k4x should write a mail for that also on debian-edu
aug 21 22:20:45 C14r_jp pere: no
aug 21 22:21:26 pere    I have one request.  we need someone to write the meeting summary.  any volunteer?  it is imporant to post the summary on the list for the others to see.
aug 21 22:21:45 pere    sepski will provide the log.
aug 21 22:22:12 pere    anyone?  Please.  we need a summary.
aug 21 22:22:55 pere    oh, well.  if no-one volunteers, it is not going to be written, just like the last meeting. :(
aug 21 22:23:03 C14r_jp pere: well I can do that
aug 21 22:23:41 pere    C14r_jp: great.  please put your name on the wiki.
aug 21 22:23:48 C14r_jp send the log to and tell me where to put it
aug 21 22:23:50 pere    thank you all for joining the meeting.  see you all next time, whenever that will be. :)
aug 21 22:24:13 *       pere has changed the topic to: Next meeting will be announced on  <URL:> | try out the daily build and check the installation to reduce the shown questions, also check out debian-edu-expert mode