The proposed workflow as a model for internation collaboration

After having presented the plan described on the page DebianEdu/InterwikiNetwork, Alexander Schremmer (AS) says that he hopes that this workflow helps to unify the structure of all wikis organicly. Some people remark that they need further information on how to use the categories in the wiki. Steffen Joeris (SJ) says that "international relevance" is not equal to "should be translated". AS emphasises that international relevance just means that the page should appear everywhere.

Morten Werner Olsen (WO) says that he wants the .org wiki as a master for developer documentation. Nobody disagrees.

Problems using the .org wiki

Knut Yrvin (KY) begins to talk about a problem he has with the search feature of the .org wiki - he sees many unrelated Debian-only pages mostly. AS and WO agree this could be improved by either having a special search box on the ?/DebianEdu page or modifying the search logic to special case searches started on a /DebianEdu/* page. AS points out that both steps require help by the admin of the wiki, who is not known currently.

Another solution to the problem would have been another international user-doc wiki, as indirectly suggested by KY. Not many people like that idea, so the decision was postponed.

Discussion about the structure of the .org wiki

WO asks if the .org pages can be flagged as master pages. AS notes that this is orthogonal to the proposed workflow. Thierry Stauder (TS) wants a unified structure in all wikis, he says that a team should work on it. AS suggests that this work is delegated to the wiki team(s).

SJ suggests to translate all pages into english and put them into the .org wiki in order to let translator pull changes from there. Kurt Gramlich (KG) points out that SJ should start doing so and others remark that this model was orthogonal to the proposed workflow and would slow down the whole process.

Wiki teams

AS points out that the next step is to build wiki teams and to start discussions in it.

Frode Jemtland (FJ) and AS agree that the wikiteam should consist of a larger group and be split into language specific when the group is ready for it. There won't be people in there with specific powers (besides some wiki admins). All would get delete/write permissions for all pages. AS suggests that the wiki team member list should be a simple wiki page.

The commit list

AS asks if mails by the German wiki on the global commit list are suitable. JF said that he filters them anyway. SJ proposes a commit-www list. Various people point out that the commit list currently was just used as a list for developer commits whereas wiki pages mostly contain user documentation. TS says that the best usage is to have other teams see which pages in the wiki are changed. WO suggests to have one commit list per language. KG wants to start with one list and try for a few months to assess the usefulness. Some people accept the idea of commits-www and would subscribe. The final decision is deferred because the time is over.