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Debian Edu IRC Meeting 03.04.2006

The Agenda can be found at: [WWW] http://wiki.debian.org/DebianEdu/Meeting/20060403

The following people gave input to the meeting:

  • pere: Petter Reinholdtsen, white: Steffen Joeris, k4x: Kurt Gramlich, xorAxAx: Alexander Schremmer, finnarne: Finn-Arne Johansen, h01ger: Holger Levsen, jemtland: Frode Jemtland, jever: Jürgen Leibner, knuty: Knut Yrvin, sepski: Ronny Aasen, [-oskar-]: Xavier Oswald, vagrantc: Vagrant Cascadian, mike-m_: Mike Massonnet, C14r: Christian Kuelker

The meeting was limited to 60 minutes.

Status report on dak and etch-based daily build.

  1. New ftp sitestructure
    • white had the following probosal for ne sitestructure:
      • /skolelinux/ -> new pool

      • /pub/UploadQueue/ -> uploader queue

      • /skolelinux/iso/ -> for the iso's

      pere was worried about the old URL's and source.list entries should keep working. write informed that the old source.list entries will work. Most of this work will be none in a week.
  2. Package move status? What is left to move?
    • There has been some problem with the udeb packages, but it now look promising. It works for everthing else.
  3. CD build issues?
    • No cd beeing built, yet. This will be the next issue to look at, when dak is comleeted.

Status of infrastructure move

  • Backup is now operational on user.s.n, administrator.s.n and developer.s.n
  • Missing LDAP sync

Status report on wiki transition and future plans

  • There was some sub topic to this section of the meeting, but there was a longer discussion on the general topic. Today we have the main wiki (wiki.debian.org), and we have one french (wiki.skolelinux.fr) and one german (wiki.skolelinux.de) wiki. The big problem seem to be where things should be put. There was proposals that the different pages is good to build local communitys. There also seems to be a concenius that pure technical documentations should go to the international wiki, only. There was a question on where the Norwegian stuff should go. It seems that the most part of the people proposed to make wiki.debian.org/DebianEduNo/. The sysadmins did not wan't to have more systems to maintain on the servers. The topic was taking to mutch time, so it was proposed to make a own meeting on this topic. xorAxAx will propose a date and time for this meeting, and announce it on the lists.

Status report on netinstall of an etch-based DebianEdu using packages available from http://bzz.no/debian/

  • finnarne has put up a netinstall repo, that works, but there are some issues. They will be addressed when the mirror at a.s.n is up. The issues that finnarne reported so fare was
    • secure apt, we need to sign our apt-source
    • autopartkit, not working for now

Status of user Administration tool for Debian-Edu

  • The moderator asked for the status of wlus, cipux, luma and bzzslxtoolkit, but the time for this meeting was almost up, so this topic was more or less skipped.

Next meeting

  • The next Debian-Edu IRC meeting is scheduled for monday the 2006-05-01 19:00 GMT.

Moderator: Petter Reinholdtsen (pere)

Logs: Finn-Arne Johansen (finnarne)

Protocol: Frode Jemtland (jemtland)