Meeting notes for the Debian Edu meeting taking place on #debian-edu 2006-03-06 20:00 GMT.




Who was there:

finnarne (Finn-Arne Johansen)
white (Steffen Joeris)
pwinnertz_ (Patrick Winnertz )
Werner (Morton Werner Olsen)
h01ger (Holger Levsen)
klausade (Klausade Johnstad)
vagrantc (Vagrant Cascadian)


New Release (current status)
New archive system (dak)
Moving informations from to

New Release (current status):

First finnarne asked if anybody has tested the new ?ReleaseCandidate. white told him that rc2 is in use in germany in some schools and sepski add that he has installed it on a dual Xeon P4 celeron and he has no issues. pwinnertz_ has tested it, too, and it works also fine. white suggests that we should wait one week and if there are no problems during this week we should release the RC2. The bug concerning samba seems to be fixed, sepski tried out samba and it works how he has expected it.

New archive system (dak)

white told us that he has done several test uploads and that he is fixing several smaller problems but he thinks that we can use dak after the release of debian-edu/skolelinux 2.0. Then we will build cds from dak and we will have this architectures: i386, ppc, amd64.
We will use buildds as the buildsystem, but white states that we should talk about the details after the release of 2.0 .

Moving informations from to

The plan is that we will do redircts from to the debian-wiki and everybody attending the meeting agreed to this plan, but Werner states that some project leaders doesn't want this, but the haven't comment it on the d-e@l.d.o mailinglist so it is irrelevant. Werner asked if there is somebody, who has enough time to move the relevant pages from to and pwinnertz_ says that a girl from his school (Julia Wierich) is interested in doing this. All people, who are interested in moving the information found the pages which have to be moved to the wiki on . Then finnarne asked klausade how the documentation status is of the ?NewDriftBook. klausade told us that he has to sync it with the coming 2.0, but this is mostly the new ltsp stuff, because of that we searched for somebody who has enough time (and who wants ) to rewrite it in order to sync it with 2.0 . vagrantrc states that he has only 4-8 hours/week to work on it, but klausade said that he will work on it.

At last Werner told us that the next developergathering will be in Narvik on 21th-23th of april and we looked for a date for the next IRC meeting. After some discussion we decided to meet again on March 20th at 20.00 GMT.

Personal Comments

Sorry that it tooks so long to write this summary, there was very much to do in school ;-) Now we have released Debian-Edu 2.0 already and i think it works VERY good and i'm looking forward to our Extremadura meeting in spain in June.