Protocol of the meeting on 20.02.2006

The following people gave input to the meeting:

white: Steffen Joeris finnarne: Finn-Arne Johansen pere: Petter Reinholdtsen vagrantc: Gagatan: zobel: Martin Zobel-Helas h01ger: Holger Levsen

Moderator: Steffen Joeris Log collector: Finn-Arne Johansen Protocol: Patrick Winnertz

The meeting was limited as the others to 60 minutes. Here are the single topics:

State of development:

finnarne states that the daily-build should be installable, but nobody attending this meeting has tested a daily-build newer than the image from Saturday.

ltsp issues(esound & gcompris):

Finn-Arne Johansen tested the new ltsppackage if the sound works but sound works only if he login as root he gets sound on the server. The error is that the sound device gave the user access denied but at the moment finnarne was not able to gave us the exact error message since he has no thin-client next to him, but everybody can reproduce this error by removing himself from the audiogroup and setting the permission to 0660. the next ltsp-issue is the gcompris bug (#1056).

gcompris is still not able to start from menu if you are logged in on a thin-client. There are several possibilties how to fix the bug, but pere suggests that there is a need for more investigation if we want to use Werner_'s (Morton Werner Olsen) fix. pere (Petter Rheinholdsen) will investigate but he he states that the better bugfix is a new gcompris package with the command=/usr/games/gcompris.


according to finnarne the new slapd configuration is working for non-samba users: now only ldap admin can fetch the passworts from ldap but at the moment only passwd and smbpasswd works, jrpasswd is not yet included in debian-edu-config and there is still a missing lib. samba integration (#1062): This bug seems to be a real release blocker so it have to be fixed before release, because we want to be better than our competitors, so finnarne will test it.

ltsp-clients (kernel):

finnarne mentioned that a diskless workstation takes about 4,5 minutes to boot because a 2.4-kernel(our default kernel for thinclients) is used.But if you use the sarge 2.6 kernel the thinclients takes only 1 minute to boot. So we might need the 2.6 kernel image on the CD.This is no real release blocker but finnarne knows the workaround and will try to fix it during the next weeks. Furthermore pere suggest to clean up /etc/rcS.d and /etc/rc2.d in order to speed up the boot process.

another rc:

all people who attend the meeting agreed that we need one more rc after the samba/ldap/sound/gcompris bugs are fixed.

archive software:

The last point on the agenda was the archive software and pere told us that the machine ( is up and running and fetch the users from ldap, but at the moment only a few people are allowed to log in in order to configure it for his later job.finnarne suggest to switch all machines (including to use ldap to make it more easier to sync these machines.dak is already installed on this machine but it is not yet configured. this job will be done by Werner, zobel (Martin Zobel Helas), holger (Holger Levsen) and white (Steffen Joeris).The future pools on this machine will be: woody, woody-test, sarge, sarge-test, etch and etch-test And all these pools will produce one cd. But this details will be discussed later in an other meeting.When dak is up and running the ftp-team will write an howto and finnarne will test it.

At last the discussed which day is the best one for this meeting, because Werner_ mentioned that Monday is not the best day for such an meeting.white creates an wikipage ( which everybody can say which day is the best one for him. After 5 days white will look which date is the best one.

No Personal Comments since I was not able to attend the meeting :S But i think we are now closer to our release. (There are still some blocker bugs, but I'm hopeful that we are able to close these during the next 2 weeks, in order to have another release candidate.