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Meeting notes for the Debian Edu meeting taking place on #debian-edu 2006-01-19 18:00 GMT.



  • current status?
  • what is left
    • testing
    • broken packages? (ntp, ?)
      • ntp ([http://bugs.skolelinux.no/1024 http://bugs.skolelinux.no/1024]) - noone came up as a volunteer

      • permissions to sound device ([http://bugs.skolelinux.no/974 http://bugs.skolelinux.no/974]) - noone came up as a volunteer

      • slow logins with LDM (LTSP Display Manager) - Ragnar Wisløff talks with upstream to ask for a ETA
      • parts of diskless workstation solution is checked in and might break the LTSP setup - FrodeJemtland tries to fix some time

        • for Finn-Arne Johansen to look into this
      • kdepim-kio-plugins to the CD - Werner has added this to the CD, but have not built the debian-edu source package yet. This
        • will be continued 20060120 with help from ?PetterReinholdtsen

  • what everyone is working on
    • Finn-Arne Johansen: spent some time testing slbackup and rdiff-backup lately
    • Ragnar Wisløff: I'll talk to ogra about the login issue
    • KurtGramlich: preparing Erkelenz

    • ?SteffenJoeris: still working on some other annoying bugs, i will leave most of them unspecified because they shouldn't blog the

      • release
    • ?PetterReinholdtsen: I've been working on the norwegian spell checking system lately, trying to get the volunteer project going

      • to maintain it. I've also worked on the boot process, trying to find ways to speed up the boot and make it better for thin clients and diskless workstations (aka read-only root systems).
    • FrodeJemtland: I'm mostly trying to follow up on the bugs into bugzilla. Mostly testing installations. Trying to locate bugs,

      • against later builds.
    • Werner: I've been working with finnarne on rdiff-backup/slbackup (and hope we have a solution now), also trying to fix the
      • kdepim package, and general bugs from bugzilla.
    • ThierryForb: working (with our team) on the french addon cd : we'll show you this work in Erkelenz :)

  • what we should focus on to get the next release out
  • Should we have a next meeting ?