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## page was renamed from DebianEduMeeting20060119

Meeting notes for the Debian Edu meeting taking place on #debian-edu 2006-01-19 18:00 GMT.



  • current status?
  • what is left
    • testing
    • broken packages? (ntp, ?)
      • ntp ([http://bugs.skolelinux.no/1024 http://bugs.skolelinux.no/1024]) - noone came up as a volunteer

      • permissions to sound device ([http://bugs.skolelinux.no/974 http://bugs.skolelinux.no/974]) - noone came up as a volunteer

      • slow logins with LDM (LTSP Display Manager) - Ragnar Wisløff talks with upstream to ask for a ETA
      • parts of diskless workstation solution is checked in and might break the LTSP setup - FrodeJemtland tries to fix some time for Finn-Arne Johansen to look into this

      • kdepim-kio-plugins to the CD - Werner has added this to the CD, but have not built the debian-edu source package yet. This will be continued 20060120 with help from ?PetterReinholdtsen

  • what everyone is working on
    • Finn-Arne Johansen: spent some time testing slbackup and rdiff-backup lately
    • Ragnar Wisløff: I'll talk to ogra about the login issue
    • KurtGramlich: preparing Erkelenz

    • ?SteffenJoeris: still working on some other annoying bugs, i will leave most of them unspecified because they shouldn't blog the release

    • ?PetterReinholdtsen: I've been working on the norwegian spell checking system lately, trying to get the volunteer project going to maintain it. I've also worked on the boot process, trying to find ways to speed up the boot and make it better for thin clients and diskless workstations (aka read-only root systems).

    • FrodeJemtland: I'm mostly trying to follow up on the bugs into bugzilla. Mostly testing installations. Trying to locate bugs, against later builds.

    • Werner: I've been working with finnarne on rdiff-backup/slbackup (and hope we have a solution now), also trying to fix the kdepim package, and general bugs from bugzilla.
    • ThierryForb: working (with our team) on the french addon cd : we'll show you this work in Erkelenz :)

  • what we should focus on to get the next release out
  • Should we have a next meeting ?