Meeting notes for the Debian Edu meeting taking place on #debian-edu 2006-01-19 18:00 GMT.



This is a summary about the first DebianEdu IRC meeting.

A small preversion of the Agenda can be found at:

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The following people gave input to the meeting:

The meeting was limited to 60 minutes.

At first we started to make a short summary about the current state of debian-edu .

Steffen Joeris (white) summarized that there are 16 release critical bugs left.

Petter Reinholdtsen aked about the test state of the current daily-build as it is important to always test the daily-build instead of testing pre-versions which are out of date for the development.

Werner Olsen (Werner_) announced that the main-server- (tjener) and the thin-client-server-profile (LTSP) are working out of the box. There were no comments about the workstation and the standalone profile.

Steffen Joeris (white) proposed to skip all big changes on the profiles (e.g. the new experimental barebone profile) now and work on them after the release. There was a consensus about that.


Finn-Arne Johannsen (finnarne) remarked that there are some critical svn-commits which will brake the ltsp build for the thin-clients. The commit included an experimental script which is neither tested nor running now. The new script includes the diskless workstation solution.

There are two options: Revert the change and use an old and running script or fix it.

Frode Jemtland (jemtland) will look at the script, test it and try to fix errors within the next days and if necessary ask Finn-Arne (finnarne) for help. If this fix will take too long the commit will be reverted and we will stay with the old version.


Finn-Arne Johannsen reported that the ntp-setup is broken. Every Host tries to call which can cause some problems. He also set as the priority to serious, because many schools only have isdn access, not every installation has ntp-server available and sometimes the requests are blogged by firewalls.

A problem for the bugfix is that the new ntp-maintainer ripped out presseding support which makes it more difficult for us. For a fix we will provide ntp-server for all networked profiles (means all except the standalone profile).

We still need one to fix and test the configuration for ntp (Bug 1024)


The next problem is the missing accessibility to some devices. The users doesnot have access to the audio device (/dev/dsp). Steffen Joeris (white) proposed to leave the decision to every administrator or to write a small script which makes it easier for admins. Finn-Arne Johannsen (finnarne) recommended to make these devices available for all means with the permission 666 . The developers found a consensus with Finn-Arnes (finnarne) solution.

We still need one to implement it now by using cfengine (Bug 974).


Next part was LTSP. The problem is that ldm takes too long for a login. The used hardware was a Pentium III.

Ragnar Wissloff (laprag) wants to ask Oliver Grawert for help, because he is the one working on the new Ubuntu version.

Petter Reinholdtsen (pere) points out that the case of the problem might be the encryption of the connection, but the developers agreed to encrypt the connection instead of a plain text connection, which will cause in security problems.

Ragnar Wissloff (laprag) promised to ask Oliver Grawert soon and maybe provide a possible solution for the bug (bug 1010). For more information about LTSP Petter Reinholdtsen (pere) recomenden all to look at LTSP:


Steffen Joeris (white) and Finn-Arne Johannsen (finnarne) explain that the Kmail IMAP support the kdepim-kioplugins package is needed. In sid kmail depends against it but in sarge this dependency is missing. So the solution is to install the kdepim-kioplugins package automatically during the installation. For that Werner Olsen (Werner_) add this package as a dependency at the desktop-kde package from the debian-edu package.

Werner Olsen (Werner_) and Petter Reinholdtsen (pere) will test and build the new debian-edu package during the next days and fix this bug (bug: 995).


The administration tool WLUS is ready for the new release. Finn-Arne Johannsen (finnarne) tested it and verified that it is ready for the release.


Kurt Gramlich (k4x) will keep on preparing the gathering. Thierry Forb (ThierryForb) and Xavier Oswald ([-oskar-]) will present the french cd and various new packages during the Erkelenz gathering. Thierry Forb (ThierryForb) will also get in contact with Petter Reinholdtsen (pere) and Steffen Joeris (white) for reviewing and sponsoring these packages.

Future BugSquashing:

Finn-Arne Johannsen (finnarne) will work on the rdiff-backup and various bugs. Frode Jemtland (jemtland) and Steffen Joeris (white) will verify the other bugs and check there priority and clean up the list of release critical bugs. Petter Reinholdtsen (pere) and Werner Olsen (Werner_) will work on the debian-edu package and on various bugs. Ragnar Wisloff (laprag) will take care of the LTSP bug.


We agreed in having IRC meetings every two weeks. The next IRC meeting will take place on monday 06.02.2006 at 1900GMT, please participate!

Personal comments:

I really enjoyed to have such a meeting and thank all for their contribution. I also think that regular meetings help in the development of Debian-Edu, because of a better coordination. Now I recommend all to fix the bugs and to make a ready and working state so that we can release Debian-Edu/Skolelinux 2.0 (Codename Unknown).