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This guide describes the current Mailinglists used by the Debian-Edu/Skolelinux subproject.


This is the most important ML in the whole project. It is the official list for developers and contributors. All discussions related to the development or to the subproject itself are made there. It is a *must* to subscribe to this list for every developer. Notice that this is no user list where you should request help there are other lists for that. ML language: English


The drift commitee are the admins of the servers and the account managers. If you want to request an account you have to write a mail to drift which includes your intention, your account name, the password hash and the requested rights (e.g. subversion/upload rights). ML language: English


The ftpmasters are the archive maintainers. If you have questions (which are related to dak) you can ask them. In addition to that the ftpmasters use the list to discuss technical changes/configurations for dak. But notice that this list is not the list for development questions or account creation. ML.language: English


This list shows all changes of the project. All the patches commited to subversion, wiki and also new package versions are send as an email to this list. So every contributor/translator/developer is informed about the changes. It is recommended for every contributor to subscribe to this list. In addition to that the list guarantees that others look over patches when they come into the project, so mistakes can be detected as fast as possible. ML language: English


As it says the list is for admins to discuss technical problems. Feel free to post there your questions and to help others. ML language: English


This is a list for users to request help. Feel free to ask if you have technical problems or other questions related to Debian-Edu/Skolelinux. ML language: German