Roadmap for the ?LinEx convergence into DebianEdu project

Important info:Up to now, the convergence will be done only with the educational installation of ?LinEx in the primary and secondary schools, not for other installations of ?LinEx (health, small business, etc.)

Some info about the main differences between a DebianEdu school and a LinEx school

At the end of 2007 500 primary schools (with no local admin) will be upgraded to etch, in the summer of 2008 120 secondary schools (with a local admin) will be upgraded to (a frozen prerelease of) lenny.

Using BTS usertag to track this


Points to consider:

* Main problem: Network and services configuration: Current Debian-Edu config is not valid to be used in ?LinEx schools. In Extremadura all the schools are inside an intranet, and every pc has its own and predetermined ip, so some kind of "linex" mode or "expert" mode should be set up in the installer avoiding the default 10.0.0.x network config.

* Management tools: Currently at linex we're using

* Scale problems: Due to the big size of Extremadura networks, some utils have shown they're useless in such environments. Munin is a good example of these problems, but also openldap together with libnss-ldap is a non-satisfactory solution.

* Repositories: In a perfect world everything should be in the Debian repository. Currently that would be hard because of:

* DebianEdu/PackagesOnlyInLinex: Packages currently only in ?LinEx repositories that could go to Debian.

* Different packages to do the same tasks in ?LinEx and DebianEdu

* Different setups: Last september, in Extremadura we have begun to use the same ldap and squid configuration Debian-Edu has. There are a couple of differences: for samba we needed to remove all the samba stuff as we don't use it. For squid we have added some configurations because we don't want users to use IE to browse the web (it's a trojans and viruses network blocker), firefox or opear are mandatory on windows, but windows-update sites has to be available for IE.

* Incorporation of Gnome to DebianEdu

Tasks to work on:

Tests on creating a ltsp lenny installation with Gnome and LinEx configurations

This configuration has been done on May'08 and has been working ok up to now.

After installing Debian lenny , and debian-edu-config, education-xxx and ltsp related packages on the ltsp server, some changes has been needed in the server and in the ltsp chroot.

The page ?DebianEdu/ChangesForLTSPinLinex has a list with all the manual changes and configurations that have been done.