A working Java applet viewer is one of the missing free software pieces important to Debian Edu. SUN Java have licence terms making it impossible for the Debian project to distribute it, and thus we need to make sure there are free alternatives to use instead. The goal of the Debian Edu project is to get all the packages we need into Debian, and though we have a deal with SUN allowing us to distribute SUN Java with Debian Edu, we want to end up in a situation with all the packages we need being part of debian/main.

This page is a collection of references to related projects and a howto for testers of the current free JVM and class library.

How to test Java applets with GNU Classpath

This test can only be done with Debian/unstable at the moment. Install the debian packages gcjwebplugin and cacao. Until 359654 is fixed, you need to use a test package to be able to test with the latest classpath library. Download and install http://developer.skolelinux.no/~pere/debian/packages/gcjwebplugin_0.3.2-1.0.pere.1_i386.deb to get it. Run it like this:

Report problems into debian BTS against the gcjwebplug, or classpath package if you have reason to believe that the problem is with the class library.

Advanced users can also report bugs directly to the GNU classpath developers bugzilla.

Test cases to check

Please, state URLs for Java Applets here that are crucial for teaching Adding them to http://developer.classpath.org/mediation/Applets will bring them to the attention of the classpath developers.

Other Java programs

This is the place to state Java applications