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 * The French one: `DebianEduFr:`  * The French one: `DebianEduFr:`-
 * The Norwegian one: `DebianEduNo:`
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DebianEduNo http://wiki.debian.org/DebianEduNo/
DebianEduAr http://wiki.skolelinux-arabe.org/
DebianEduEs http://wiki.skolelinux.es/
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|| wiki.skolelinux.fr ||<#FF0000> Not working || || wiki.skolelinux.fr ||<#00FF00> OK ||
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|| wiki.skolelinux-arabe.org ||<#00FF00> OK ||
|| skolelinux.es ||<#FF0000> Not working ||


International Page Workflow

This workflow was discussed in this meeting: ["DebianEdu/Meeting/20060410-?WebInt"]


This workflow tries to solve the problem of harmonising contents of different wikis. It will offer a solution to have translated pages in distinct wikis (one per language/community).

First, there will be a wiki for each language. Every such wiki will provide a group of users that are called the "wiki team". This team will be allowed to pronounce pages to be important enough for all wikis (international relevance). This is done by tagging the page using a category. Every page with such relevance will have its changes posted to a special wiki-commit mailinglist. This should be tracked by all wikiteams and versed translators. Translators not deeply involved into the community have to be connected to the system by the wiki teams.

All other wiki teams will answer to this kind of requests by thinking about a page name and adding it together with another wiki category to the page where the international-tag was set initially. The team that sets this tag will have to care for translators that are actually used to translate this page.

Any discussion about daily problems should take place on www-int. It was suggested to rename it to www-int-discuss to clarify its nature.


Furthermore, it was suggested to share a pool of translators by creating a wiki page with contact information.

We suggest that as few pages as possible are translated and that documentation gets moved into a central english-speaking wiki. This is not related to the above workflow, though.


Here you can find the model as an OOo and PDF file:

  • attachment:workflow.pdf
  • attachment:workflow.odg

Next steps

Note that further steps and tasks will be added here after the discussion logs have been processed.

  1. Subscribe to www-int (https://init.linpro.no/mailman/skolelinux.no/listinfo/www-int or http://dir.gmane.org/gmane.linux.skolelinux.www-int) if you want to help

  2. Create a commit mailinglist that just receives CategoryInternational traffic

  3. Wait for all admins to add the interwiki links to their wiki configuration
    • The wiki.debian.org admin should install a suitable macro for the search box on the DebianEdu page

  4. Document the process for "ordinary" wiki users
  5. Start working by tagging pages with CategoryInternational

  6. Create a list of translators, keep in contact with them
  7. Start with translation tagging


The wikis related to Debian-Edu, esp. the German and the new French one should think about how to link to each others pages.

After the wikis have settled on a name prefix, it can be configured in all wikis and the users can start linking more easily to other pages.

  • This wiki, starting with the subpage DebianEdu: DebianEdu:

  • The German wiki: DebianEduDe:-

  • The French one: DebianEduFr:-

  • The Norwegian one: DebianEduNo:

The user would use the interwiki-link like this:

  • The french version of this page is on DebianEduFr:PageDAccueil.

The following lines have to added to the intermap.txt in the data directory:

DebianEdu http://wiki.debian.org/DebianEdu/
DebianEduFr http://wiki.skolelinux.fr/
DebianEduDe http://wiki.skolelinux.de/
DebianEduNo http://wiki.debian.org/DebianEduNo/
DebianEduAr http://wiki.skolelinux-arabe.org/
DebianEduEs http://wiki.skolelinux.es/
  • /!\ There is a remaining problem - there are english pages starting with DebianEduFrench here in the wiki -- they have to be moved to DebianEdu or into the french Skolelinux wiki (?DebianEduFr:) to avoid confusion (and page links like DebianEdu:DebianEduFr/Foo)


The DebianEdu/WikiAdmins have to fix the wikis:


Not working








Not working