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 * Mysql server

Overview about Debian-Edu/Skolelinux Infrastructure

Web Servers and Services:

Current situation


  • {login problems}
  • Old package archives
  • Checkbot linkrot checker
  • Nagios server
  • Websites (developer.s.n)
    • developer.skolelinux.no


  • Login server for developers
  • Login server for lots of users (IRC, etc)
  • Subversion repository frontend (svn.skolelinux.org)
  • Old CVS repository frontend (cvs.skolelinux.no)
  • Selected web sites
    • svn.skolelinux.org
  • Recent svn client (working)


  • (restricted host)
  • Bugzilla
  • Webserver
    • (www.)skolelinux.{com,net,no}
    • popcon.skolelinux.org
    • bugs.skolelinux.(no,org)
    • friprogramvare.no
    • friprogramvareiskolen.no
    • i18n.skolelinux.no
    • www.linuxiskolen.no
    • www.skolelinux.org
    • www.spist.no
    • skoleknoppix.skolelinux.org
    • snofrix.skolelinux.org
    • nordiskknoppix.skolelinux.org
    • knoppix.skolelinux.org
    • cvs.cinelerra.org
    • www.cinelerra.org
    • bugs.cinelerra.org
  • Mysql server
  • Munin server
  • Outdated SVN client
  • xplanet & working connection to MySQL server (and thus working make-map.pl)

administrator.skolelinux.no aka ftp.skolelinux.org

  • (restricted host)
  • DAK (archive server)
  • Upload queue for developer
  • rsync, ftp and http download for images and pools
  • building of CD images
  • Webserver (ftp.skolelinux.{org,no})
  • File server for the other machines (NFS):
    • Home directories for users
    • Subversion repository storage
    • Archive for old CVS repository


  • Xen server for virtual hosts


  • Xen host on tester.skolelinux.org
  • LDAP server for nss/pam on the other machines


  • Xen host on tester.skolelinux.org
  • Available server for all developers and general use


  • (restricted host)
  • Xen host on tester.skolelinux.org
  • Build and test services for the security team


The Debian-Edu/Skolelinux Sysadmin Team (aka drift) is now using the debian ticket system on rt.debian.org. This means all bugreports and feature requests regarding the Debian-Edu/Skolelinux infrastructure should be directed to this ticket system. General information about how to use the ticket system can be found at [http://wiki.debian.org/rt.debian.org].

The team uses three queues:

DESA - Incoming: Place for all new tickets, which will then be moved to one of the other queues. DESA: Public DESA queue DESA - private: Private DESA queue

If you are curious and want to check the status of your ticket, you can login to the ticket system on rt.debian.org by using "guest" as a user and "readonly" as the password. This user has access to the public DESA queue. Of course it is still possible to email drift@skolelinux.org for any queries, but we do prefer that you create a ticket for each request.