This is a guide for Uploaders tp explain howto upload a package into the Debian-Edu/Skolelinux archive.

1. For uploading packages some skills in creating debian packages are recommended. If you feel that your package might be not good enough or if you are really unsure about your own practise please ask for another one to upload your package, this is not a big deal. You can find a whole list of all uploaders under

2. Check your package carefully. If it is not lintian clean try to fix it. Also look into the *.diff.gz, *.changes, *.deb and *.orig.tar.gz (you can use "mc" for that).

3. Make sure that you changed the distribution name, for example change "unstable" into "terra" (etch-test). Notice that uploads to "etch" will be moved to "etch-test" automatically. So you cannot upload directly to the stable devel pool called etch. An exception for that is currently the woody pool, but only the security team is allowed to upload there.

Most packages can be uploaded with the distribution name "unstable". The exceptions are: the distribution name in the changelog affect the source list used to build debian-edu, and the menu ordering selected for debian-edu-install and ltsp. These are the only three packages with code to behave differently depending on unstable vs. terra.

4. In case of backporting please make sure that you have a sane version number which follows the Debian-Edu/Skolelinux-Archive-Policy . Just an example: the package in testing is called foo_2-3 you have to change it into . If the debian revision number is -1 you have to use for the backport.

5. If you decide that you want to upload your package sign it with your gpg-key 1 if it isn't already signed. For that you can use the command "debsign .*changes".

6. Now you can use the command dupload or dput. To upload the package into the archive use "dupload --to skolelinux *.changes" or "dput skolelinux *.changes" . Make sure that you use the configuration for the tools which was send to you.

7. If you want to upload one of the main packages, build them from subversion. Notice that it is not allowed to upload a version of the main packages which is not in subversion. For that use "svn-buildpackage-rfakeroot -us -uc" . Then the package is placed under the "build-area" in your svn tree. After you checked the package you can sign it with "debsign" and upload it. Please make sure that you commited the changes to svn and bumped the version number ( you are allowed to bump yyy to the current svn commit number). A real new version number (xxx) will only be announced when the package is uploaded to debian.

8. If something went wrong or your upload got interrupted please contact the ftpmasters (ping them on IRC or write a mail to This is neccessary, because the Debian-Edu/Skolelinux dak does not support *.commands files.

9. After your upload wait a bit and then test the new daily build CD and see if everything works fine. If you are sure that everything is alright and you want to have your package version included in the stable pool (without -test) please write a mail to with your changes and request the move into the stable pool.

10. Please feel free to expand and/or correct this howto. Maybe someone wants to test it and verify it.

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