First Steps with Skolelinux (Example)

1. Login

As long as no personal accounts are arranged, the procedure is the following: On the clients for the pupils, the password which appears on the monitor is to be typed in. The password is … On the client for the teacher the registration occurs with the combination teacher/…

2. KDE Desktop

KDE is a graphical working environment, which is designed specially for a simple and intuitive administration and capacious functionality. The most important programmes are found in the K-menu (on the left side under the taskbar).

3. Examples of programs


Typical Windows program


Web browser

Netscape, Internet Explorer, Opera

Konqueror (globus with a cogwheel in the Taskbar), Mozilla browser, Opera, Firefox

Word processor

Write, Word, Staroffice Writer

Kword (feather in the Taskbar), OpenOffice Writer, Abiword

Spread sheet

Excel, Lotus123

Kchart, OpenOffice Calc, Gnumeric



OpenOffice Impress, Kpresenter

File manager


Konqueror (house in the Taskbar), MToolsFM

4. Directories a.k.a. folders

  1. Most important differences to Windows:
    • instead of an inverted slash ‘\’ (backslash) the normal slash ‘/’ is used.
    • There are no drive letters; the CD-drive, for example, is located under /cdrom
  2. The quickest way to get into your personal account (for the teacher account /skole/tjener/home0/teacher) is to click on the house symbol in the taskbar. Only items which are saved in the subdirectory /priv, are hidden for others. File which are saved in the subdirectory /pub can also be read by others (pupils, for example).

5. Import and export of data

External files can be saved onto the network from the teacherclient:

6. Logout

The bottom entry in the K-menu is logout; the teacher client should be shut down completely.

7. Shut down

Everybody who has logged out switches off the monitor. The toggle switch on the Power strip should only be switched off as well, when all pupils are done with this! After shut down, the teacher’s client shows the message power down. The mains Switch (front side) has to be pressed for five seconds.