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Webmin Module for Squid Guard


This Page does not document how to use the module, but instead the fruitless efforts of someone trying to get it to work. If you really want or need to use this module, be prepared to hack some perl !!! However since Webmin AND Sarge are deprecated, try to avoid having to use this. Apparently there is a module for moodle to interface with ?SquidGuard, and we will instead focus on getting that to work in Etch/Terra. Incidentally the last update to the webmin module was in 2001. The homepage is:

Note: this wiki page is based on a Sarge Tjener, and Webmin Version 1.180


Apparently it is possible to setup squidGuard via Webmin. This section however deals with setting up the Webmin module after having installed squidGuard and armed squid with it as detailed on /Debian-Edu/How-To/SquidGuard/

Go to webmin at:


and login.

In the tab Webin select Webmin Configuration and then Webmin Modules. You will now see a panel that allows you to install Modules. TODO: insert screenshot here. We will install the module From ftp or http URL so select the appropriate radio button. now insert:

into the corresponding text field, and hit install module. This should result in the following output:

Downloading (58458 bytes) ..
     Received 1024 bytes (1 %)
     Received 6144 bytes (10 %)
     Received 12288 bytes (21 %)
     Received 18432 bytes (31 %)
     Received 23552 bytes (40 %)
     Received 29696 bytes (50 %)
     Received 35840 bytes (61 %)
     Received 40960 bytes (70 %)
     Received 47104 bytes (80 %)
     Received 53248 bytes (91 %)
     Received 58458 bytes (100 %)
.. Download complete.
The following modules have been successfully installed and added to your access control list :

      SquidGuard in /usr/local/share/webmin/squidguard (520 kB) under category Servers

Theoretically you should now find the squid guard module in the Servers tab of webmin, however if you select Squid Guard you will receive the following error message:

Error - Perl execution failed

Undefined subroutine &main::init_config called at ./ line 23.
Compilation failed in require at /usr/local/share/webmin/squidguard/index.cgi line 16.

The problem is that neither Debian Sarge nor Webmin are to be supported in the Future as they are deprecated. Please do not file a bugfix, but use the following workaround.

The installation directory of webmin is:


and the Squid Guard module has been installed into


so what we need to do is copy the squidguard directory into the correct location using:

cd /
cp -r /usr/local/share/webmin/squidguard /usr/share/webmin


The first time you use the squidGuard webmin module you will be asked a series of questions, firstly the full path to the squidGuard configuration file, which is:


and the user and group that runs squid, which are both:


Now when you look at the blacklists you may notice that there aren't any, this is a bug in the webmin module.

The following is the path to the database from the squidGuard.conf file:


However the webmin module appends and additional blacklists to this path.

If you try to edit that path and remove the blacklists direcotry you will find that the webmin modile will save the new path to the squidGuard.conf file, and thus the module may be able to access the blacklists, but now squidGuard will not find its databases.

Ok from here on you are on your on your own.