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How to request a new package for Debian Edu

For Debian Edu, we should go through these steps to get a new package into debian.

  1. Register a WNPP (Work-Needing and Prospective Packages) request, requesting the package
  2. Tag the request with the debian-edu user tag to track it
  3. Try to find someone to maintain the package
  4. Maintainer uploads package into debian
  5. The package is accepted into Debian by the ftp-masters

1. Register a WNPP request, asking for the package

Send an email to The subject should contain:

With these two lines, the message body indicates a WNNP request: {{{package: wnpp severity: wishlist}}}

For further information, see the WNPP page.

2. Tagging WNPP request with debian-edu user tag

To make the package request show up on

the list of debian-edu related bug list, the bugs must be appropriately tagged. We use the usertag feature to make this happen.

Tagging bugs are done by sending an email to, with content like this to tag the bugs 144503 and 144505:

  usertag 144503 + debian-edu
  usertag 144505 + debian-edu