Report bugs in Bugzilla

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Instructions Report: Errors and Opportunities

Like most free software projects, has Debian-Edu/Skolelinux a bug tracking system (in short: BTS). This is a Bugzilla system in version 2.16.4 (Stand 12-2005).

Free software is free for the most part - but never in vain. By using free software, you are already involved in the development process. Get involved in now so actively in the improvement of Skolelinux by adding errors and desires that stand you in our central reporting system! We promise you: the knowledge that can earn you the process of transfer to almost all other free software projects? You can also install the Debian package 'bugzilla' on your school server to centrally manage internal network problems.

To help you make a start as easily as possible, we will show you the following first steps.

1. Bugzilla Account

Open the New Account to create your own Bugzilla account:

Please pay attention initially on a yellow background baseboard, you will see on all Bugzillaseiten. All the use cases presented here (1-4) are marked with red numbers for your information.

If you do not have an account (the registration and participation is of course free), you enter a valid email address in the first field. If you wish to be displayed with your error messages even your real name, enter this (or alias) in the second field.

Now observe your inbox (mailbox). You will receive a confirmation message with further instructions regarding your password.

2. Sign in (Login)

To sign up simply enter the email address with which you have registered. The password should be known only to you.

3. Search for existing error messages

This step should always be run before you enter a new bug supposedly a second time.

You should begin this process quite generous in the selection of categories to be searched. There probably is enough for the time being to seek a major keyword in the summary or comment too.

4. Own mistakes or wish to sign

When you have ensured that the error or wish that you want to submit, is a new following, now the fourth step. After clicking on New '(4) takes you to this page:

Select a component "Skolelinux" if it is the software.

Now, please specify as many as possible into English.

"Severity: Enhancement" (seriously: Improvement) denotes a request or suggestion for improvement. If you have made all the necessary inputs, confirm the data with the help of Commit (This example is a hypothetical case, Klaber Unfortunately there / not yet).

Congratulations: you are now officially one of the active supporters of Skolelinux. The error detector keeps you up to date, the reporting system, if

The allocation of components is not always clear. You still have no fear of making mistakes (of which lives in Bugzilla!), All allocations are dynamic and can be corrected later. Only the summary, title (Summary) and the description and more comments will remain static in the database.