Report Bugs to Debian Edu Project

For tracking Skolelinux bugs the Debian Edu developer team prefers working with Debian BTS (Bug Tracking System). Please report problems or weirdnesses with your Skolelinux server/clients via Mail to:

Composing an Error Report Mail

For reporting mails, you can use a mail programme of your choice. Please try to avoid sending HTML formatted mails to Debian BTS, we prefer plaintext formatted mails.

Mail Subject

As mail subject choose a short description that describes your observed problem powerfully.

Mail Body

Debian Edu currently consists of five major packages to report to. To make things easy for you, we recommend reporting to three of them:

In the mail body, please put three lines at the top of the mail body, before your describe in detail what you observed:

package: debian-edu-{config|install|artwork}
severity: {wishlist|minor|normal|important}
version: {squeeze/beta1,squeeze/beta2,SVN-rXXXXX,...}

If reporting a minor issue related to your system configuration observed after installation of Debian Edu/Skolelinux squeeze beta1, please put

package: debian-edu-config
severity: minor
version: squeeze/beta1

Below this block leave at least one empty line, and then write in human readable text, what the problem is that you observed on your Skolelinux system.

See to learn what kind of information should be included in the bug description.

Other Ways of Reporting

Debian Edu Mailing List

If you are unsure if something that occurs on your system really is a Debian Edu bug or not, you can ask the Debian Edu developers directly on the Debian Edu Mailinglist:

After considering your requests, you will probably be asked to report the issue to the Debian BTS, anyway. :-) Bugzilla

The Norwegian branch of the Debian Edu project also runs a Bugzilla issue tracker. On occasions, this system is used, as well. But note that most of the developers prefer the Debian BTS.

The Skolelinux-Bugzilla system is described here: ?DebianEdu/ReportBugsInBugzilla.

Further Readings on Debian BTS

For more information on Debian BTS, please consult this page in the Debian wiki: