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An newer alternatve is [http://wiki.debian.org/DebianEdu/SkoleLiveCd SkoleLiveCd] An newer alternatve is [[http://wiki.debian.org/DebianEdu/SkoleLiveCd|SkoleLiveCd]]


Quickstart guide for SkoleKnoppix

Download SkoleKnoppix

Download SkoleKnoppix here (ANYONE KNOW WHERE THIS LINK SHOUL POINT?), save this ISO-image to your hard disk.

An newer alternatve is SkoleLiveCd

Write/burn SkoleKnoppix on CD

Write the ISO-image using Nero, Easy CD Creator or WinOnCD if you are using Windows. There is usually a ‘Burn ISO-image...’ choice in most CD-recording software. Choose the downloaded ISO-image and burn the CD.

Boot from cd

To be able to run SkoleKnoppix from CD, your computer has to be set up to boot from CD. This is done using the BIOS-setup utility (consult your mainboard manual)

Insert the CD, and reboot your computer.

If it doesn't boot, check your BIOS settings and make sure CD-ROM is located before your hard disk in the boot-order setup. If this is not possible or you do not wish to change BIOS-settings, a boot disk can be used instead.

CD-boot: BIOS-setup is usually entered by pressing F1, DEL or INSERT on the initial boot-screen (POST). Reboot when appropriate changes have been made.

Bootdisk: Insert a write-enabled blank floppy, insert the SkoleKnoppix CD and run !SkoleKnoppix/mkfloppy.bat from the CD in Windows. When the boot disk is created, reboot your computer with the floppy disk and CD-ROM inserted in their drives.

Select language

After a few seconds you should get a SkoleKnoppix logo on your screen. The word ‘boot:’ will appear at the bottom.

Here you are required to write which language you want, blank (return) means English:

Lean back and let SkoleKnoppix discover your hardware setup. Wait for the following screen:

Explore SkoleKnoppix

SkoleKnoppix is now ready, and it is up to you to explore it.


  • Running Linux from CD reduces performance considerably compared to running it from your hard drive.
  • You cannot remove the CD while running SkoleKnoppix. To be able to read from other CD's, you need more than one CD-ROM.

  • Everything stored in your home-directory will vanish at reboot. SkoleKnoppix uses the internal computer memory as a temporary drive (RAM-drive).

  • If you have FAT/FAT32 partitions on your hard disk (Windows 95/98/ME use FAT/FAT32 partitions), you can access these from SkoleKnoppix (Read and Write). On the other hand, if you have NTFS-partitions (Windows NT/2000/XP can use NTFS or FAT32), you will only be able to read from these.

  • To access existing partitions, floppy drives, CD-ROMs etc., you have to mount them. This is done by clicking on the appropriate icon for your device. Media will have to be unmounted before you can change them to avoid data loss. This is done by right-clicking the icon and selecting ‘unmount’.