/!\ This page is obsolete. Local devices work out of the box since edu-etch rc3.

how to test ltspfs

The access to local devices should work ok. What remains is getting KDE to display a icon on the desktop when the user inserts a device in the thin client. Testing is requiered in order to determine the quality of the implementation.

/!\ It's REQUIRED to use LDM to login on the thin client. it will not work with KDM/GDM

To test try

  1. install the latest etch-test cd
  2. alter sources.list to use ftp.skolelinux and the etch-test repository instead of the default etch.
  3. update & upgrade

  4. install ltspfs on the server
  5. install ltspfsd in the ltsp chroot

chroot /opt/ltsp/i386
apt-get install ltspfsd
  1. load the module "fuse":

 modprobe fuse
  1. Make sure the fuse module gets loaded on every boot:

 echo "fuse" >> /etc/modules
  1. add LOCALDEV=True in $CHROOT/etc/lts.conf create the file, or copy the example, the file
    • will then look like this:

  1. add $username in to the fuse group, or set 666 on /dev/fuse automatically with this fuse rule; create a file /etc/udev/rules.d/60-fuse.rules and add this to it:

KERNEL=="fuse", NAME="%k", MODE="0666",OWNER="root" GROUP="fuse"
  1. boot the client
  2. loggin with $username i LDM
  3. connect device
  4. check out the /media/$username tree

Sources of information