This is a description on how to do an installation of debian-edu using netboot.

I have a mirror which is used for the purposes

TODO: ?DebianEdu/HowTo/NetbootInstall/MirrorSetup

You might fetch the [ mini.iso] and burn it as a CD, or you can set up tftpboot and use the [ kernel] and [ initrd] that I built, or you can fetch a [ tarfile] with the files inside

TODO: ?DebianEdu/HowTo/NetbootInstall/InstallerSetup

Select Language/country/keyboard as usual, and if your network already is running a dhcp-server I guess you can use that (I have not tested that). When the installer asks which mirror to use, then select "enter manually", and use as server name and /debian-edu as subfolder (or whatever it's called). Then continue the installation, by selecting profile, reformatting disks and set password as usual.

To warn you: the mirror is not on the fastest line, so please use a proxy if you want to do more than one installation. Also, there is no auto-update on the mirror, so you wont get the newest and latest udebs and debs. But it's a start. I've only tested a main-server profile (no combination at all), and manual network settings ( as address, as netmask, as gateway and dns-server, tjener as hostname, intern as domain-name)