Howto get the midi interface to work on skolelinux, so you can take in use rosegarden.

First of all add this with aptitude

1 aptitude install jackd qsynth fluidsynth

with that done, you have to find your self .Sf2 soundfont to load into the qsynth program ( or you can goto this site and download soundfont there.

Now we come to the part where you start up rosegarden, to make rosegarden to work with audio-record do the following:

1. Chose menu "settings" and chose "configure rosegarden"
2. Then choose --> Configure Rosegarden --> sequencer --> startup.

Select that you want to start JACK when rosegarden starts, and under there you put inn this line:

      jackd -d alsa -d hw -r 44100 -p 2048 -n 2 (this mostly on the lowfat clients)

when it comes to thinclient this line must be used

      jackd -d esd -d hw -r 44100 -p 2048 -n 2 (becouse most thinclient use esd sound)

3. The rosegarden will say following: System timer resolution is too low, you can fiks this by do the following thing:
(Settings -> Configure Rosegarden... -> sequencer -> Sequencer timing source), and select RCT-timing or PCM-playback under the sequencer timer.

Then you need to get midi sound, this is done by the following way:

Select --> meny --> multimedia --> Qsynth

in that program you choose --> setup --> Soundfonts, load in one soundfont you have downloaded.. (.sf2)