Howto get the midi interface to work on skolelinux (most of this text only applies for KDE users), so you can take in use rosegarden.

First of all add this with aptitude

1 aptitude install jackd qsynth fluidsynth qjackctl

with that done, you have to find your self .Sf2 soundfont to load into the qsynth program ( or you can goto this site and download soundfont there.

Now we come to the part where you start up rosegarden, to make rosegarden to work with audio-record do the following:

1. Chose menu "settings" and chose "configure rosegarden"
2. Then choose --> Configure Rosegarden --> sequencer --> startup.
Select that you want to start JACK when rosegarden starts, and under there you put inn this line:
      jackd -d alsa -d hw -r 44100 -p 2048 -n 2 (this mostly on the lowfat clients)
when it comes to thinclient this line must be used
      jackd -d esd -d hw -r 44100 -p 2048 -n 2 (becouse most thinclient use esd sound)
3. The rosegarden will say following: System timer resolution is too low, you can fiks this by do the following thing:

(Settings -> Configure Rosegarden... -> sequencer -> Sequencer timing source), and select RCT-timing or PCM-playback under the sequencer timer.

Then you need to get midi sound, this is done by the following way:

Select --> meny --> multimedia --> Qsynth
in that program you choose --> setup --> Soundfonts, load in one soundfont you have downloaded.. (.sf2)

Now we need something to comuticate with your synthesizer. And to that purpose i sugest to buy a usb midi interface device. One i have tryed is from Roland "usb Midi Interface UM-1ex", that work without problem for me. here is a link;

And when the device is connected you can choose inn the rosegarden program to use UM-1ex device to communicate.

Sins fluidsynth and use of soundfont demand allot of cpu power, i would suggest to use a syntheziser instead, the cpu power demad drop drastical.