Frans Spiesschaert, Petter Reinholdtsen and Mike Gabriel are the project maintainers who could commit to the git repository on salsa.

To be able to commit one has to: - log into hosted weblate - go to Debian Edu Documentation, component Bullseye manual (important) - in the menu, select Manage->Settings - then select the "Version control" tab - there one has to fill in the "Repository push URL" item with - "Save" settings (at the bottom of the "Version control" tab) - after that go back to Debian Edu Documentation, component Bullseye manual - now in the menu, select Manage->Repository maintenance - if there are pending changes, then select first the Commit button - thereafter select the Push button.

This pushes the translation updates at hosted-weblate to the weblate branch at salsa. After that one can checkout the updated weblate translations into master.

When this is done, I always empty the "Repository push URL" item in the "Version control" tab of +the Manage->Settings menu, because I don't like my salsa password being there in plain text and +then I "Save" settings again till the next weekly translation updates.