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all developers can force a build by doing an svn commit to the src/build/CD-administrator directory all developers can force a build by using the command /home/builder/bin/trigger_builds on user.skolelinux.org - trigger_build takes on argument: the image to rebuild or "all".

Any sufficiently advanced technology is indistinguishable from magic...

This is in the very early stage of something which should become a howto to understand the build process of the Debian Edu (install) cd - please help to improve it. I will do so too, on my way to eternal wisdom and happyness :-)

  • tasks comes from debian-edu svn
  • wantedpkglist*.txt is generated from tasks
  • wantedpkglist is given to debian-cd to populate the cd
  • missingpkglist is generated by comparing the list of packages on the CD with the list of wanted packages.


the code for the version of debian-cd we're using is at /home/builder/src/debian-edu/src/build/CD-administrator/debian-cd

During every build it's patched by debian-edu/src/build/CD-administrator/patch-debian-cd with debian-edu/src/build/CD-administrator/debian-cd.patch

If you want to exclude certain packages from the cd, there is a exclude-etch list (also used for etch-test) in that patch.

cd-build logs

the logs from each cd build are commited to svn (debian-edu/html/logs/cd-build-$suite.log). the commits are silent, so no commit-mail is sent.

force re-build

all developers can force a build by using the command /home/builder/bin/trigger_builds on user.skolelinux.org - trigger_build takes on argument: the image to rebuild or "all".

how to exclude packages from the cd

Get the curret status

  1. grab CD-administrator with svn co svn+ssh://$alioth-user-name@svn.debian.org/svn/debian-edu/trunk/src/build/CD-administrator

  2. cd CD-administrator
  3. patch using ./patch-debian-cd

edit the patch

  1. edit the exlude file with vi debian-cd/tasks/exclude-etch

  2. regenerate the patch with ./make-patch

  3. Test that your patch works with ./patch-debian-cd

  4. commit your changes to the patchfile with svn commit debian-cd.patch

  5. have a beer and wait for the cd to build

how to merge in changes from upstream

  • Hopefully this is not to wildly inaccurate.
  • increment debian-cd-revision
  • patch using ./patch-debian-cd

  • if the patch succeeds, you can commit debian-cd-revision, and wait for the cd to build.
  • if the patch failes, you'll have the half baked results in debian-cd.new. Check thru the rejects and adjust debian-cd.patch as needed. Test that your modified patch works with ./patch-debian-cd

  • commit the debian-cd-revision, and debian-cd.patch
  • have a $beverage while it's building.
  • test the cd

famous last words

... and any technology distinguishable from magic is not sufficiently advanced!