Create local cd-images

Known problems

Workingcopy of debian-edu subversion repository

Directory layout

Create the mirrors

Debian etch mirror

-s main,contrib,non-free,main/debian-installer \ /skolelinux/administrator/debmirror/debian/debian/ --progress -e rsync \ -r :debian -h}}}


rsync -av \ /skolelinux/administrator/debmirror/debian/debian/dists/etch/main/

rsync -lpgv* \ /skolelinux/administrator/debmirror/debian/debian/

rsync -av \ /skolelinux/administrator/debmirror/debian/debian/

rsync -av \ /skolelinux/administrator/debmirror/debian/debian/

rsync -av \ /skolelinux/administrator/debmirror/debian/debian/}}}

Skolelinux etch mirror

-s local,local/debian-installer /var/www/ \ --progress -e rsync -r :skolelinux-dist -h}}}


Backports repo

Use the command given below to mirror the backports repo (only needed if you plan to use packages from backports)

debmirror -v -a i386 --nosource -d lenny-backports -s main /skolelinux/administrator/debmirror/debian/debian-backports --progress -method http -r debian -h

Using a local repo

A local repo can be used to include packages that are not present in the official debian repo. If you are planning to use a local repo copy your repository in /skolelinux/administrator/debmirror/debian/debian/dists/lenny/local

Also set LOCALCODE to your local release codename in CONF-* (under src/build/CD-administrator).

Install required software for the build process

Some last modifications on the build scripts

Building the images