Debian Edu Git

Beginning with Debian Edu wheezy (7.0) Debian Edu development has moved from using SVN to moving Git. The Debian Edu Git repositories are hosted on

SVN vs. Git

For those that are not familiar with Git there are some major differences in a Git-based workflow compared to an SVN-based workflow.

SVN-2-Git Migration Status

During the migration of the Debian Edu project files from SVN to Git the current status of the migration can be viewed (and documented) here.

First: locally

Continue with your work (add/edit files, commit working steps, etc.) until you think that your package needs to be pushed to the Debian Edu namespace on

For a Git based Debian packaging workflow, please refer to this page:

Second: initialize central repository in the Debian Edu namespace

Secondly, for initializing a new Git repository in the Debian Edu namespace on the Debian Edu project has provided a set of scripts (the Debian Edu GitScripts).

Clone the d-e-gitscripts.git repository locally and symlink the d-e-gitcreate script to ~/bin.

$ git clone git:// ~/d-e-gitscripts
$ ln -s ~/d-e-gitscripts/bin/d-e-gitcreate ~/bin

NOTE: the pathes only work if you execute the first command directly in $HOME

Initialize a Debian packaging Git project

For Debian packaging projects use the following commands (from inside your git project folder):

$ cd ~/<my-edu-project>
$ d-e-gitcreate <my-edu-project>

Initialize an upstream Git project

Debian Edu development does also brings forth some little upstream projects. These are also hosted on

For upstream projects use the following commands (from inside your git project folder):

$ cd ~/<my-edu-project>
$ d-e-git-create upstream/<my-edu-project>

The d-e-gitcreate script will create server-side Git projects that are conform to some standards agreed upon within the Debian Edu developer team:

Third: contributing to an already existing Git project

Clone the repository that you want to contribute to and get acquainted to the Git workflow used for that package. Recommended workflow for packaging is taking advantage of tools like git-buildpackage, pristine-tar, git-import-orig, git-import-dsc and others.

Again: refer to this location: