The dak system is located on . After you logged in on a.s.n. you have to become the katie user. If you are a ftpmaster you can use the command "sudo -u katie bash" Now you are the debadmin user and have access to the archive system.

NEW Handling: One of the most important jobs of the ftpmaster is to handle the NEW queue. The NEW queue are packages which are signed by a Debian-Edu Developer and passed the key check. So you don't need to check if the signature is valid or not.

The ftpmaster's task is to check the package if it is ready for Debian-Edu or not. To get a checklist you can use the Debian-Edu Archive Policy and check if it passes all points.

First change into the directory /org/ There you find the packages. After you have checked the package you have to run "lisa package_xxx-x_arch.changes"

Then you can type "c" and check some important points of the packages again. After you made your decision you can either accept or reject the package.

To accept it as it is (means no changes to maintainers suggestion for override) type "a" . Then the override file is changed. If you disagree to the maintainer and e.g. want to change the section field you can run "e". Then make your changes and the package is accepted.

If you want to reject the package type "m". Then you get a text editor (vim) and can describe the reason there. In case of rejection please use the following template form:

Hi Maintainer, ...

... reason ... rejected for now.

At the end of the rejection message lisa will automatically insert the text from the template which can be found under "/org/" Please do not edit the template.

New Accounts: Please notice that only decides to give someone account rights! If drift writes a mail to ftpmasters and tells them that a new Uploader needs an account for upload rights the ftpmaster need the gpg-key from the new Uploader. For that purpose please write the new Uploader direclty and ask after a mail or get the key id and fingerprint from If the ftpmasters are instructed to create an account they can follow this procedure:

After login on they have to become katie user ("sudo -u katie bash"). Then they can use the command uma: "uma -k keyid"

After that the new account is created and the new Uploader will get a mail which informs about it and explains some configuration steps for dput/dupload.

TODO-List for ftpmasters:

1. we need a finish configuration of the ftp server to allow

2. We need to arrange the webserver stuff to show the new.html

3. we need a working script for moving packages

4. We need to create the CD's from the pools

5. We need to fix the "Processing of *changes" mails

misc docu bits:

<zobel> there we go <zobel> after an upload, unprocessed packages will be in /org/ <zobel> every 15min cron/unchecked is running <zobel> if the package allready exists in the database, the package moves to accepted <zobel> otherwise it moves to queue/new <zobel> from there, an ftp-admin (probaply you) needs to run lisa *.changes and accept packages