The dak system is located on administrator.skolelinux.no - see the current status here, and the new queue there.

After you logged in on a.s.n. you have to become the katie user. If you are a ftpmaster you can use the command "sudo -u katie bash" alternativly use "sudo -i -u katie" this sets shell and home automatically. Now you are the debadmin user and have access to the archive system.

dak upgrade, changes to document


If it is neccessary to change a config file or a script under bin, cron or katie you have to change them first and then call "cvs diff" and "cvs commit".

NEW Handling:

One of the most important jobs of the ftpmaster is to handle the NEW queue. The NEW queue are packages which are signed by a Debian-Edu Developer and passed the key check. So you don't need to check if the signature is valid or not.

The ftpmaster's task is to check the package if it is ready for Debian-Edu or not. To get a checklist you can use the Debian-Edu Archive Policy or the Debian reject-FAQ and check if it passes all points. Other important checks can be lintian, or debdiff against the package in debian proper.

You should check that $HOME is set correctly or set it with export HOME=/var/lib/dak Then change into the directory /org/ftp.skolelinux.org/queue/new/ There you find the packages. After you have checked the package you have to run  dak process-new package_xxx-x_arch.changes 

Then you can type "c" and check some important points of the packages again. After you made your decision you can either accept or reject the package.

To accept it as it is (means no changes to maintainers suggestion for override) just type "e" and change the "Section" into "local/section" where "section" is the old one, e.g. admin, debian-installer, misc, ... . Then go back, using d (Done). You will see the Add overrides opportunity and you can type "a" . Then the override file is changed. If you disagree to the maintainer and e.g. want to change the section field you can run "e". Then make your changes and the package is accepted.

If you want to reject the package type "m". Then you get a text editor (vim) and can describe the reason there. In case of rejection please use the following template form:

Hi Maintainer, ...

... reason ...
rejected for now.

At the end of the rejection message lisa will automatically insert the text from the template which can be found under "/org/ftp.skolelinux.org/katie/templates/katie.rejected" Please do not edit the template.

If you accidently rejected a package, you can just move all files (except *.reason) from ./reject to ./unchecked.

Moving packages to other distributions

Packages are usualy requested to be moved into the stable (non -test) by a developer. You can use the status pages for Etch and Lenny and compare with the dynamicaly generated page at http://ftp.skolelinux.org/skolelinux/etch_needs_love.html

Things to look at can be

Packages should be uploaded to lenny-test for now. After they have been there for a while, and the maintainer and/or ftpmaster deceided to move it to lenny, the ftpmasters need to move them by hand. This is to make sure only stable and good packages end up in the stable repository. Packages are moved from sarge-test to sarge, etch-test to etch or from lenny-test to lenny. The command to be executed is as follows

/org/ftp.skolelinux.org/bin/package-sync -s lenny-test package-name

This command will move package-name from etch-test to etch.

/!\ Currently etch is untouchable (=frozen) and this command (alone) doesnt work. See below.

Don't wory about packages that are uploaded with distribution etch in their changelog, they will end up in etch-test first. :-)

package-name is the name of the source package. package-sync then moves all binary packages built from this source package.

when $suite is untouchable

  1. prepare the announcement mail in svn under stable-updates/package.codename.version
  2. if HOME is set incorrectly: export HOME=/var/lib/dak ; export LANG=C

  3. deactivate the cronjobs, vi /etc/cron.d/dak

  4. then copy the dak.conf file away: cp /etc/dak/dak.conf /etc/dak/dak.conf.bak

  5. then remove the "Untouchable" line for the etch suite in katie.conf, vi /etc/dak/dak.conf

  6. then move the package as usual (after checking, etc.)
  7. then run dinstall: /opt/dak/cron/cron.dinstall

  8. then copy the old dak.conf back (with the untouchable line), mv /etc/dak/dak.conf.bak /etc/dak/dak.conf

  9. check the archive by running dak ls $package

  10. first do touch /org/ftp.skolelinux.org/RUN-DINSTALL and run dinstall again /opt/dak/cron/cron.dinstall

  11. and activate the cronjobs again, vi /etc/cron.d/dak

  12. and then check again with dak ls and maybe run dinstall a third time
  13. send the announce mail, OpenPGP signed, to debian-edu-announce@lists.debian.org

  14. update the stable status page, by moving the package from proposed updates to, updated packages on the Stable status page

when $package is out of sync on different archs

_Sometimes_ its useful to migrate a package on one arch only, because the others have not been build yet. In general this should be avoided, but if you have to do it, here is how to clean up the mess:

/!\ As with everything here: only run the commands if you understand what they do!

 dak ls debian-edu
 dak ls education-standalone
 dak ls -a powerpc -s lenny-test debian-edu -S -f heidi
 dak ls -a powerpc -s lenny-test debian-edu -S -f heidi |  dak control-suite -a lenny
 dak ls -a amd64 -s lenny-test debian-edu -S -f heidi
 dak ls -a amd64 -s lenny-test debian-edu -S -f heidi |  dak control-suite -a lenny
 dak ls debian-edu
 dak ls education-standalone

removing packages

to remove packages from the archive: dak rm -s $suite -C debian-edu@lists.debian.org $sourcepackage

about the other options: dak rm -h :)

to remove packages from queue/unchecked (for example, because they were rejected, because the key is not in the keyring): just rm them!

If you want/need to use rene, dont use rene in path but the one in /org/ftp.skolelinux.org/katie/bin/ /!\ FIXME: path does not exist.

Steffen also told us on IRC that we should remove the appropriate .changes file from the done-directory, then run a dinstall and then probably remove the files manually after removing a package with the dak commands. And in the end we of course should check everything :)

If you need to do a complete removal, http://folk.uio.no/werner/ftpmaster_remove_slbackup-php.html has a transcript of a complete removal session.

un-removing packages

If you removed a package with "dak rm" you can un-remove it like this:

echo flashplugin-nonfree-extrasound 0.0.svn2431-2.0.edu.etch.2 source | dak control-suite -a etch-test
echo flashplugin-nonfree-extrasound 0.0.svn2431-2.0.edu.etch.2 i386 | dak control-suite -a etch-test

You need to specify each arch and suite.

New Accounts:

Please note that only drift@skolelinux.org decides to give someone account rights! New contributors should read this first. If drift writes a mail to ftpmasters and tells them that a new Uploader needs an account for upload rights the ftpmaster need the OpenPGP certificate from the new Uploader. For that purpose please write the new Uploader direclty and ask after a mail or get the key id and fingerprint from drift@skolelinux.org.

If the ftpmasters are instructed to create an account they can follow this procedure:

After login on administrator.skolelinux.no they have to become katie user ("sudo -u katie bash"). After that they should set the environment variable HOME by typing "export HOME=/var/lib/dak" . Then they can use the command: /org/ftp.skolelinux.org/bin/new-account -k ''keyid''

/!\ Updating the mail-whitelist like this doesnt work anymore. How does it work?

Now you have to whitelist the uploaders email-address: checkout dak-config via cvs from /org/ftp.skolelinux.org/cvsroot and edit mail-whitelist and commit it with "cvs ci mail-whitelist". Now cd to /org/ftp.skolelinux.org/katie/ and do "cvs up". Please make sure that you use an up to date cvs working copy before editing the file, to prevent conflicts at commit.

After that the new account is ready to be used and the new Uploader will get a mail which informs about it and explains some configuration steps for dput/dupload. Please add the name of the Uploader to the Uploaders-list which can be found under: http://wiki.debian.org/DebianEdu/Uploaders

Adding new keys to old accounts

as user kathie run:

export HOME=/var/lib/dak ; export LANG=C
gpg --keyserver pgpkeys.pca.dfn.de --no-default-keyring --keyring /opt/dak/keyrings/keyring.gpg --recv-keys E63CD6D6  

to add new subkeys for the existing key E63CD6D& in the keyring.

What does each script do


(We will upgrade to the new dak version without those scripts after the etch release.)

the projectb database

Although the examples shown here are made as the katie user they should work as well with your user account. But this is only true for these examples, as only katie has write access.

using psql

katie@administrator:~$ psql projectb
Welcome to psql 7.4.19, the PostgreSQL interactive terminal.

Type:  \copyright for distribution terms
       \h for help with SQL commands
       \? for help on internal slash commands
       \g or terminate with semicolon to execute query
       \q to quit


Now you can use normal sql queries to access dak's projectb database.

Entering \z at the psql prompt will list all tables with their access privileges settings, \q quits psql.

This explains how to learn more about the layout of the database:

projectb=> select * from pg_tables where schemaname='public';
 schemaname |      tablename      | tableowner | hasindexes | hasrules | hastriggers 
 public     | architecture        | katie      | t          | f        | t
 public     | archive             | katie      | t          | f        | t
 public     | bin_associations    | katie      | t          | f        | t
 public     | binaries            | katie      | t          | f        | t
 public     | component           | katie      | t          | f        | t
 public     | dsc_files           | katie      | t          | f        | t
 public     | files               | katie      | t          | f        | t
 public     | fingerprint         | katie      | t          | f        | t
 public     | location            | katie      | t          | f        | t
 public     | maintainer          | katie      | t          | f        | t
 public     | override            | katie      | t          | f        | t
 public     | override_type       | katie      | t          | f        | t
 public     | priority            | katie      | t          | f        | t
 public     | section             | katie      | t          | f        | t
 public     | source              | katie      | t          | f        | t
 public     | src_associations    | katie      | t          | f        | t
 public     | suite               | katie      | t          | f        | t
 public     | suite_architectures | katie      | t          | f        | t
 public     | accepted_autobuild  | katie      | f          | f        | t
 public     | uid                 | katie      | t          | f        | t
 public     | queue               | katie      | t          | f        | f
 public     | queue_build         | katie      | f          | f        | f
(22 rows)

projectb=> select * from pg_tables;
projectb=> select * from suite limit 1;
 id | suite_name | version |       origin       | label | policy_engine |    description     
  5 | lenny      |         | Skolelinux archive |       |               | Skolelinux archive
(1 row)


using pg_dump

pg_dump projectb conviniently piped into grep allows to easily query the database on the commandline. An example says as much as 1000 words:

katie@administrator:~$ pg_dump projectb | grep multiseat
1825    local/m/multiseat/multiseat_0.9.10-0.0.edu.etch.3_amd64.deb     20810   1a6229f78968adfb4d811db7759fc252        2       \N
1826    local/m/multiseat/multiseat-udeb_0.9.10-0.0.edu.etch.3_amd64.udeb       11564   ccb66f75c1afe08d0a9c94080aa9253d        2       \N
699     local/m/multiseat/multiseat_0.9.10.orig.tar.gz  32092   081ff6a0475b1fd44e41975059f383de        2       \N
1476    local/m/multiseat/multiseat_0.9.10-0.0.edu.etch.3_powerpc.deb   20868   5abf45a8fddc0238d6919a99fd0664f4        2       \N
1477    local/m/multiseat/multiseat-udeb_0.9.10-0.0.edu.etch.3_powerpc.udeb     11554   cc89256ecb45fd9df8992dad03383c96        2       \N
717     local/m/multiseat/multiseat_0.9.10-0.0.edu.etch.3.dsc   613     b5de06c2af35ded51d7d333ec026b398        2       \N
718     local/m/multiseat/multiseat_0.9.10-0.0.edu.etch.3.diff.gz       3365    c11aaf4c17903fb79640e9f21cd38f77        2       \N
719     local/m/multiseat/multiseat_0.9.10-0.0.edu.etch.3_i386.deb      20512   77fa29628e752c2dcbbd3ce3d9da45d5        2       \N
720     local/m/multiseat/multiseat-udeb_0.9.10-0.0.edu.etch.3_i386.udeb        11340   bbbabdfe5a3fb8e66420f0e5a18b8ee6        2       \N
118     multiseat       0.9.10-0.0.edu.etch.3   4       717     2006-08-17 00:00:00     2
1255    multiseat       0.9.10-0.0.edu.etch.3   4       118     5       1825    deb     8
1256    multiseat-udeb  0.9.10-0.0.edu.etch.3   4       118     5       1826    udeb    8
466     multiseat       0.9.10-0.0.edu.etch.3   4       118     3       719     deb     2
467     multiseat-udeb  0.9.10-0.0.edu.etch.3   4       118     3       720     udeb    2
984     multiseat       0.9.10-0.0.edu.etch.3   4       118     4       1476    deb     7
985     multiseat-udeb  0.9.10-0.0.edu.etch.3   4       118     4       1477    udeb    7
multiseat       4       2       10      68      4       \N
multiseat-udeb  4       2       9       38      5       \N

dak directory layout


dinstall is run every 15min., looks for changes for in /accepted or (the manually to be created file /org/ftp.skolelinux.org/RUN-DINSTALL), then it creates a lockfile

adding a new suite

touch /org/ftp.skolelinux.org/scripts/override/override.squeeze.local.debian-installer
touch /org/ftp.skolelinux.org/scripts/override/override.squeeze.local
mkdir -p /org/ftp.skolelinux.org/ftp/dists/squeeze-test/local
cd /org/ftp.skolelinux.org/ftp/dists/squeeze-test/local
mkdir binary-amd64  binary-i386  binary-powerpc  debian-installer  source
cd debian-installer/
mkdir binary-amd64  binary-i386  binary-powerpc

projectb=> INSERT INTO suite VALUES (DEFAULT,'squeeze-test','','Skolelinux archive','','','Skolelinux archive');

adding a new section

projectb=> INSERT INTO suite VALUES (DEFAULT,'local/debug');

you can't touch etch

After a release, suites are marked as "untouchable". In order to mark a suite untouchable, one of the ftpmasters adds the line "Untouchable "1";" to the end of the suite configuration in /org/ftp.skolelinux.org/katie/katie.conf . This tells dinstall to avoid touching the suite. If there is a need for a newer package, just uncomment the line from katie.conf and let the dinstall run.

TODO-List for ftpmasters:

  1. there are no mails send for uploads to lenny*
  2. Finish documenting the new dak commands in the ftpmaster-howto.
  3. Put some of the dak stuff under a VCS.
  4. Contact the buildd admins to add the new suites to their system and check the scripts, which are run after dinstall (they generate the package overview page and trigger wanna-build)
  5. needs_love should be installed as katie, not holger
  6. needs_love now compares our packages against those on security.debian.org, should it send a mail in case something is newer there?
  7. run make_summary from a svn checkout
  8. we need to implement the changes into package-sync so that also a specific package version can be choosen
  9. document execution-stay-off-time
  10. document installation/configuration on a.s.n
  11. pere asks: why is the email about the etch update listing one of the binary packages and not the source package? For example education-astronomy - can we change this with reasonable effort?
  12. upgrade to latest dak after etch release
    • we manually fixed /usr/bin/melanie in line 165 (python syntax bug)
  13. sign the md5sum files of the cd/dvd images