How to add packages to the Debian Edu DVD

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Here is a short intro on how to add packages to the Debian Edu DVD. This assumes the package already exist, either in Debian/Etch or in the Debian Edu APT repository, and that you have svn access to the debian edu source repository on

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Six steps to go

Task Files

The task files include blocks like this:

Instead of 'depends', one can use 'recommends', 'suggests', 'ignore' and 'avoid'. They affect how the package is included on the DVD and CDs, and if they are installed by default or not. The depends, recommends and suggests are listed in the metapackages. The packages listed as depends are included first on the DVD and CDs, and are installed if the installation system find the packages. The recommended packages are included next and installed if found by the installation system, bur are at the moment unlikely to make it onto the CDs. Recommends make it into to DVD. The suggested packages are unlikely to make it into the CDs, but make it into the DVD. They are not installed by default. The ignored packages are included on the DVD, but are not installed. The avoided packages are excluded from the DVD and CDs, and thus not installed nor available.

New packages you want to have included should start as ignored packages, to get them on the DVD but not installed by default. When they are found to be useful, we can update them to suggests (to make them more visible, but not installed by default). If they are really useful, possible to preseed and work out of the box, we can move them to recommend or depend, but before this is done, we need to verify that the disk space required is available in the default installation.

Space limits

We are currently using 1.6 GiB of the 4.4 GiB DVD capasity. The rest of the DVD content is popular packages according to (so the most commonly used packages are included first). This mean we have heap of space available for packages.

Final Remarks

I hope this make it easier to help out with updating the package list. Do not be afraid of listing packages as ignore, to get them on our radar.

I very much welcome someone making the content of this email available as some 'getting started' wiki page, after verifying that it make sense.

Friendly, --

Petter Reinholdtsen


For less experienced contributors another option to suggest packages being added is to list them right here:

Etch r1


Depends on

Description / Reason


(no additional packages)

KDE's default PDF viewer - optimal usability



Midnight Commander - file browser for your console



Educational Programming Environment (LOGO) K7-12





KDE Addons: Kicker Applets

Basics: mc lshw htop apt-key

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