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||<rowspan=2> attachment:free_help.png ||'''[:DebianEdu/Help/FreeHelp: Free help]''' || ||<rowspan=2> {{attachment:free_help.png}} ||'''[[DebianEdu/Help/FreeHelp| Free help]]''' ||
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||<rowspan=2> attachment:professional_help.png ||'''[:DebianEdu/Help/ProfessionalHelp: Professional help]''' || ||<rowspan=2> {{attachment:professional_help.png}} ||'''[[DebianEdu/Help/ProfessionalHelp| Professional help]]''' ||
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||<rowspan=2> attachment:info.png ||'''[:DebianEdu/Help/UserExperiences: User experiences]''' || ||<rowspan=2> {{attachment:info.png}} ||'''[[DebianEdu/Help/UserExperiences| User experiences]]''' ||
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||<rowspan=2> attachment:help.png ||'''[:DebianEdu/FAQ: Frequently Asked Questions]''' || ||<rowspan=2> {{attachment:help.png}} ||'''[[DebianEdu/FAQ| Frequently Asked Questions]]''' ||
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||<rowspan=2> attachment:manuals.png ||'''[:DebianEdu/Documentation: Documentation]''' || ||<rowspan=2> {{attachment:manuals.png}} ||'''[[DebianEdu/Documentation| Documentation]]''' ||
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||<rowspan=2> attachment:tips.png ||'''[:DebianEdu/Documentation/Tips_and_tricks: Tips and tricks]''' || ||<rowspan=2> {{attachment:tips.png}} ||'''[[DebianEdu/Documentation/Tips_and_tricks| Tips and tricks]]''' ||

Help and Documentation

Solve your problems!


Free help

How to get in touch with the voluntary community, and how to proceed in order to get answers to your questions



Professional help

Skolelinux consultants



User experiences

Problems, solutions and success stories from users of Skolelinux



Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently asked questions – with answers :-)




Dive into the details of Skolelinux.



?Tips and tricks

Small tips and tricks