In order to provide some feedback as to what applications are being used in schools.

Applications in italics are not in Debian.

Applications in bold are not installed by default in Skolelinux.

Please add your school below.

Hiroshima International School

openoffice - all components, iceweasel with flashplugin-nonfree, sun java, kpdf, gimp, kolourpaint, gcompris, dr python, scim, konsole, kalzium, kcalc, ktouch, tuxpaint

inkscape, scribus, kompozer, kwrite, gwenview, kcharselect, xsane, ksnapshot, mplayer, ark

audacity, lmms, potato guy, kturtle, guido van robot, view your mind, freemind, dia, avidemux, open movie editor, khangman, keduca, kmplot, stopmotion


This list is generated by hand, by looking through the menu and noting which applications we use. Cross-platform or online tools are preferred at our school, for ease of lesson preparation and homework. We are a pre-K to 12 school (ages 3 to 18)