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## page was renamed from GSoD2023proposal

GSoD 2023 Project Proposal for DebianEdu

  • A statement of the problem your project needs to solve (“users on Windows don’t have clear guidance of how to install our project”)
    • The current manual of DebianEdu is mostly about system administrators, explaining how to install and setup the network, the server, workstations, thin clients, etc. The information needed by teachers and students is scarce or missing.

  • The documentation that might solve this problem (“We want to create a quickstart doc and installation guide for Windows users”)
    • We would like to create a user documentation, that explains how to use DebianEdu from a teacher/student perspective.

  • How you’ll measure the success of your documentation (“With a good quickstart, we expect to see 50% fewer issues opened about Windows installation problems.”)
  • What skills your technical writer would need (break down into “must have” and “nice to have” categories. “Must have: access Windows machine to test instructions”)
    • Must have demonstrated experience with some modern documentation systems like Antora, ?MkDocs, Docusaurus, etc.

    • Must have experience with using Linux, preferably Debian.
    • Nice to have teaching experience in a school environment.
    • Nice to have previous experience with DebianEdu.

  • What volunteer help is needed from community members (“need help onboarding technical writer to our discussion groups”) and links to where the community can discuss the proposal
  • Most importantly, include a way for interested technical writers to reach you and ask questions!