A working viewer for web pages with Adobe/Macromedia Flash content is one of the missing free software pieces important to Debian Edu. There is an installer package available in contrib, but this requires internet connection to work, as it downloads the binaries from Adobe/Macromedia. (More information how to install the nonfree flash player on Debian Edu can be found in the HowTo/desktop chapter of the release manual.)

This page is a collection of references to related projects and a howto for testers of the current free Flash players.

For Gnash, it might be useful to update that projects list of web pages or list of test pages.

How to test with the free Flash players

Test pages

Here, we collect mainly educational pages that use flash for animations and interactivities.

One click pages

Direct links to pages with flash, no need for login and navigation.

Works with gnash bzr trunk 2010-01-27 (after 0.8.6, before 0.8.7)

Do not work with bzr trunk 2010-01-27

Other stuff

Pages where finding the flash content require navigation or login, or pages that is not yet checked to see if they fit in the one-clock category.